At first I wasn't too impressed with this game because it has a weird battle system and minimal leveling up,but after I progressed a few hours into this 10 hour game,the game started growing on me,because it's story is great and can be quite emotional and even though I don't like the game's main character,I like the other characters in the game.


The story is set 1000 years after a great war that has nearly wiped out entire races.The Lilties civilization were victorious and have taken over the world and have given the world a higher level of science and the use of magic has been outlawed in the world.A rare breed of people known as 'crystal bearers' exist in their world.Crystal bearers are born with a crystal attached to a part of their body and it gives them the ability to use magic and the public fear crystal bearers,to the extent that some high ranking Lilties people want to remove crystal bearers from society because they see crystal bearers as a threat.

The main character in the story is named 'Layle' and he's a crystal bearer(he has a crystal attached to his cheek which gives him a magical ability that allows him to lift up objects and throw them and pull himself up platforms using some sort of telekinesis ability)and he is a mercenary.After a series of events,Layle meets a Yuke named Amidatelion(the Yuke are a race who were assumed to have been wiped out during the great war)and Amidatelion has interesting things to tell Layle and Amidatelion has ambitions of her own.Layle will also meet a cute female photographer named 'Belle' who is wanted by the Lilties and Belle doesn't really care about the fate of the world but just wants to make money,even if it means putting Layle in danger.Keiss is a friend of Layle's but he is also a colonel in the Lilties army and Keiss has to decide whether he will fight against Layle or is prepared to hear the truth about what's really going in in the Lilties kingdom so he can stand up to the real enemy.Althea is a Lilties princess and she just wants peace but she will have to stand up to corrupt people in the Lilties kingdom and she will need to decide whether she wants to help Layle or not,even though Layle is an enemy of the Lilties kingdom.Althea has some secrets to reveal and will discover some big revelations that relate to her too.

Conspiracies within the Lilties kingdom,big plot twists and secrets about the world will be revealed in the story.

The story can be quite emotional,and I'll let you see why for yourself.

But the story doesn't always take itself too seriously,because the game has some sex appeal too and funny arguements and conversations amongst characters which don't always relate to the main story.

The combat involves lifting up enemies and throwing them or picking up object and throwing them at enemies.You can do this by targeting the enemies or object and pressing B and you can lift them by pointing the remote up and throw them by targeting where you want them to land and flicking the remote.Layle can target platforms and using hs telekinesis powers to pull himself up them.However,Layle's magic works only within a certain range and he has to successfully target and press the B button on the object he wants to use his magic on first and because the enemies are often moving it's not as easy as it sounds.

The leveling up in the game is minimal.You don't receive experience points for defeating enemies and there's 2 ways to level up.One of them is buying accessories which slightly increase Layle's powers,attack radius,defense etc.Another way to level up is to kill every enemy within an area within a time limit.Enemies will respawn in certain areas and if you kill all of them and destroy the portal that they came out of,you will gain a permanent increase in your max HP and the enemies will no longer respawn in that area.However,if you fail to kill all the enemies within the time limit,if you want to attempt to kill all of them again,you'll not only have to leave the area you're on,but you'll have to travel to another town and then you'll have to travel to that area again to make those enemies respawn(which can make increasing your max HP a frustrating task,and you'll need as much HP as you can get to defeat some of the bosses).

Otherwise you'll be doing other RPG style tasks such as running from place to place and delivering messages and letting story segments unfold.

The game has other fun segments such as a shoot em up segment while he's free falling near the start of the game,and a section where he rides a Chocobo and needs to use his powers to stop other enemies who are chasing him.The game has a butt hitting contest which involves girls at the beach standing on a platform and using their butt to knock another girl off a platform and into the water and you'll need to use Layle's powers to effect the outcome of some matches.There's a section where you'll need to use your powers to save people,and a gameplay segment where you'll need to dance you way through a party and you'll need to perform the correct commands shown on the screen and a section where you'll hover around in space on some board and you'll face a boss head on and you'll need to do some good sideways and up and down dodging while target and damaging the enemy.

The boss battles usually aren't hard but they're fun because of the methods you'll need to use to beat them.For example,one boss cannot be harmed by your telekinesis powers but you can grab his fireballs by using your telekinesis powers and throw the fireballs back at him or you might need to pick up a sword and try to aim and throw it at a giant Bahamut.

You can also ride a chocobo in some places to make your journey from place to place faster and it's a nice feeling to ride a chocobo,because this is a Final Fantasy game.

This game is quite short for an RPG and can be beaten in under 10 hours,but without a guide it can be difficult to find where you'll need to go next which can make the game's length last much longer.The enemies and bosses are also very easy to beat once you discover their weaknesses.Even the hardest bosses in this game are very easy to beat once you discover how to beat them.

The world has a good amount of detail and some places are very colorful and you'll see nice green countryside or kingdoms filled with castles,stores and many people walking around and trains that use crystals to power them and the energy source glows bright blue and the trains look very high tech.The tropical areas are nice and have beautiful blue water and things such as walk bridges to give you a beautiful view of the water and little water pools and waterfalls with people swimming around in them.As for the game's sex appeal,you'll see busty girls in bikinis and the game gives you a view up Belle's skirt and Belle sometimes leans forward in front of you when she's wearing a top that looks like a corset.

There's also desert environments and the villages in the desert to a good job of having a more rustic feel.There's also snowy evironments and places where there's beautiful pink colored leaves on trees and people bathing in hot springs.

Some of the cutscenes/cinematics look very spectacular(especially the ones near the end of the game)such as when you'll see a huge structure you've escaped from being destroyed in the background and some of the cinematics have colorful effects,especially when you're in space.

Amidatelion looks very mysterious because she looks like she's made from metal,but she wears a cape and has a thin figure and the shape of her head makes her look more intriguing.

The Lilties have elf like features and they have thicker hair than a human and some Lilties have green hair.

Layle looks like your typical,long blonde hair teenager and he wears a coat that makes him look like magician.


The music for the battles has a nice heavy rock sound.The voice acting for Belle suits her selfish personality.Amidatelion sounds very mysterious when she talks.Althea's voice suits her gentle nature.Layle sounds like a stereotypical teenager.The dialogue for Belle's snotty attitude and when the girls are arguing with eachother at the beach is quite funny though.The voice acting for the more emotional moments is done well,such as when Belle shows her more sensitive side,and so does Layle.Cid sounds a bit goofy and oafish but it's charming because Cid is not a human in the game and is some sort of talking,engineer creature.There's other funny dialogue in the game for certain story moments.

The game grew on me,and I like the game mainly because of it's story and characters.But the game is light on RPG elements,so if you're looking for a rich RPG experience you won't find it here.I found the game to be fun but it's not for everyone.        

The score I give for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers is 7.75 out of 10.