This game is a farely avergae Final Fantasy game designed exclussively for the Wii. To be honest this game may have been better suited to be just a stand alone DS title minus the motion controls. The motion controls with this game are at times hit and miss, and even though the game was not designed with motion plus in mind, the motion plus accessory seemed to get the motion controls more on track for me. Don't know if this was by chance, but it seemed to work fine. The ability to lock areas after defeating all monsters in the area for a period of time is a great feature that allows more chances of exploration, than getting mad due to the frequent random battles. The storyline was a ho-hum storyline, with a typical plot line that any RPG player will be all so familiar with. Using the motion controls to reach items in areas to me was very simplistic and the difficulty of the game as a whole was way too easy for a Final Fantasy Chronicles title, or any game labeled with Final Fantasy. The graphics are standard for the Wii so don't expect much here. Over all the game delivered it's premise to incorporate motion controls into a Final Fantasy game, I just wish this was done with more depth to it than just the simple throw stuff at enemies, but it did still work. If you own a Wii and are waiting for XIII to come out in March, pick the game up and give it a try, to me it is a worthy game to play while waiting for the big dog.