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  • Blog Post: Take The Gloves Off In Fight Night Champion DLC

    Itching for more action in the ring? You can take off the gloves and go no holds barred in Fight Night Champion's Bare Knuckle DLC packs. The new matches use the prison rules from the game, which means anything goes. With no ref, you can headbutt or hit below the belt all you want. With no round... More
  • Blog Post: A Dramatic Finish In a Fight to the Top

    I suspect that although most people don’t consider themselves boxing fans, the sport resonates with us because it’s been delivered successfully via a story – whether that’s Rocky , Raging Bull , or even Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. Therefore, the Fight Night franchise is the... More
  • Blog Post: Float Like Rocky, Sting Like Ali In Fight Night's New Story Mode

    In 2003, ESPN debuted Playmakers , a gridiron soap opera about a fictitious professional football team that dealt with many of the dirty off-the-field issues commonly seen in the world of sports. Critics and viewers alike gravitated to the show, making it the third-most popular program on ESPN. Not everyone... More
  • Blog Post: Fight Night Champion Preview

    Defending the belt is a dangerous proposition. You can keep doing what got you there, but your movements and punch combos become predictable over time and opponents will inevitably expose your weaknesses. To avoid losing their standing atop the boxing world, champions must constantly reinvent themselves... More
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