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The Game Made Beautiful In FIFA 15

The latest trailer for FIFA 15 shows developer EA Canada working to make the game's visuals live up to the new-gen consoles.

A new player rig, changing pitch, better/more physical player interaction, and other details attempt to raise the bar visually and help draw you into the match.

You can also get a sense of how the game looks in action, as the trailer below was taken from in-engine from an early version of the title.

In other FIFA 15 news, Ultimate Team players should take note of the game's Ultimate Team Edition, where you can get 40 FUT gold packs among other goodies. Also be sure to check out this previous preview full of info and a trailer from E3.

FIFA 15 comes out on September 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Versions for Xbox 360 and PS3 will also be available, but EA has given no info on those yet.

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  • Holy cow . . . . not big into soccer , but wow did that look amazing

  • About time. My graphics card has been bursting into laughs every time I played some FIFA 13 or 14.

  • This cannot release soon enough. I've been burning up my FIFA 14 disc.

    I'm excited to see their player intensity stuff - that is one thing that always seemed off about these games - big goals were not celebrated enough (or dejected enough by the team scored on) and post game just seemed like robots walking off the field.

  • We all know the game is not going to look like this because EA is making it. Remember the new gen Madden 25 trailers?

  • Hope it's good! We need more options to play the ball to space and let players run onto it. Everything in FIFA 15 feels almost on rails when compared to the actual sport.

    Watching all these the World Cup games has reminded me how far soccer games have to go in properly emulating the game.

    I also hope to see a return to form for PES but I won't hold my breath on that one.

  • Only way I pick up this year's addition is if they add a button to flop and the ability to bribe refs. If it's in the game, It's in the game. Oh, and I also want to be able to use money I make from oil to bribe the selection committee to win the world cup and then use slave labour to build the stadiums.
  • Kato - do you know if '15 will have a make your own tournament mode? It was left out of '14 on the PS4 and I was sorely disappointed. Thanks in advance!

  • Evil dutch