Personally, soccer is my favorite sport! I enjoy it quite a lot- and of course watching it.

--Enough about my personal association with the game of soccer, on to Fifa 13!!
This game is just about as smooth as the last few installments; along with a better "Play a Goalkeeper" mode, they've really turned up the difficulty in the newly named 'first touch' system.

The idea behind first touch is that as the ball reaches you (your character/avatar) depending on your previous momentum+direction (RT+analog stick), it will reflect on how said character plays the ball after his first moment of touching the ball. If you were running one direction and the ball were passed to you, you the player could flick the left analog stick in another direction to start your next run. On the other hand quite literally, you could flick with the right stick to direct the ball in a soft/power touch-- this either lobs the ball slightly, or shunts the ball to your side, giving you a slight advantage on the defensive player.

Game play is great! They've improved on the AI, but only slightly. Online Pro clubs seems to have the worst end of it, as the game almost expects you to do everything and leaves your other NPC's clueless and inattentive on defense.

The servers for online are almost always on RED status, meaning button lag and large frame-rate drops.
All in all this is still a great game, and it deserves the old college try! 8/10