The FIFA series has always been one of my favourite. I buy FIFA every year because I am not only a sports game fan, but a huge football fan too. FIFA 13 adds enough new features to be considered over a 9 rating. Last year, on FIFA 12, there were not enough additions to the game. This year however, the updated Career mode, and the skill games, truly make this game great.


Game play is always a big factor in a sports game of course. How does it differ to FIFA 12? is the question that I have been asked by everyone for the last 2 days, the fact is that it just feels more realistic. Not everyone has a perfect first touch anymore. Shooting on goal is more difficult and the intelligence of the goalkeepers is much improved. This was an absolute necessity though. FIFA has been crying out for more intelligent goalkeepers for years and years, now though, it is perfectly balanced. Great goals can still be scored, but you can no longer scored from ridiculous range or a stupid angle, with any player on the game. 


To criticize the game, I would say that it seems a little clumsy at times, and the players do not seem as intelligent as they were last year (with the exception of goalkeepers of course). But all in all, it is a great game. It is a definite must buy for all sports game fans,and of course for the FIFA series and football fans in general, they will most definitely like this new addition to the franchise.