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FIFA 13's Ultimate Team Improvements

The FIFA series started the Ultimate Team concept in EA Sports' titles, and this year's version is easier to get into than ever.

Similar to Ultimate Team in Madden this year, you can choose a star player to build around such as Messi, Benzema, or Claudio Marchisio, and the mode's early stages are easier to get into thanks to more ways to earn coins.

This year FIFA Ultimate Team embraces the online Seasons concept, creating mini-seasons complete with relegation and promotion.

FIFA 13 hits the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on September 25.

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  • I am not a big fan of the "Ultimate Team" game mode, I may give it a try this year.
  • I love MUT 13 so I might be tempted to get fifa this year

  • Maybe it's because I'm an American, but soccer games really? GOOOOOOOOAAAAL seems like the only entertaining part of the sport. Maybe Im biased as to I only like basketball and football(american football).
  • 3 and a half trucks mixed with vaseline makes scandalous candles with 17.
  • Messi used to be nearly impossible to buy, but now you can just start off with him? That might make some hard core Ultimate Team fans mad.
  • So uhhh... Where's the improvements??

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  • That screen makes it looks like it is easier to get through.

  • Bad reporting I think. I understood that it would help you build teams around players that you would want in your team. not actually give you the starting piece of your team. I mean god ultimate team wouldn't be worth playing if we all had Messi, let alone those people that have 6 accounts and could have all of them.

  • sweet