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  • Blog Post: Super Mushroom Boy

    Fenix Rage comes from new Costa Rican developer Green Lava Studios. It’s a respectable early effort for the three-man team, but falls short of tough-as-nails platforming inspiration Super Meat Boy. You play as Fenix, a purple and orange…thing. It looks like an anthropomorphic mushroom dressed... More
  • Blog Post: Fenix Rage Unveils Boss Trailer

    Upcoming action-platformer Fenix Rage has revealed a bit about the challenging boss encounters that will be featured in the game with a new trailer. The game features nine boss encounters and will launch on September 24 on Steam. Fenix Rage is expected to come to current-gen consoles in 2015. More
  • Blog Post: Use Your Enemy's Ice Projectiles To Your Advantage In Birdbone Islands

    With each new trailer from Green Lava Studios for their title Fenix Rage, we learn a little more about the title character's mastery over the elements. In his newest trailer, Fenix navigates through the game's fourth stage, Bonebird Islands, plagued by the chilling powers of villain Oktarus.... More
  • Blog Post: Trailer For World Three Amps Up The Difficulty

    One might think a game in which the main character can jump infinitely wouldn’t present much of a challenge, but this new Fenix Rage trailer says otherwise. Green Lava Studios has released another look at its upcoming 2D action-platformer that looks to induce as much rage in the player as it does... More
  • Blog Post: Inspired By Sonic, Maddening Like Super Meat Boy

    If you are a fan of hardcore platformers in the vein of Super Meat Boy, etch the name Fenix Rage into your mind. I had a chance to play the unassuming title yesterday, and found myself astounded by the work done by the three-person development team from Costa Rica. The story of Fenix Rage is fairly straightforward... More
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