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Farming-Simulator 2013

Prepare Your Crops For Farming-Simulator 2013's New Fleet

Farm equipment gets the spotlight in Focus Home Interactive's latest Farming-Simulator 2013 trailer. Take a look to see dozens of new machines in action.

Farming-Simulator 2013 features dozens of new vehicles that players can use to cultivate crops on their own farms. Focus says that the reference brand Case IH has joined the roster of vehicles, which is great news. The top 20 vehicle manufactures are represented, so fans are bound to find their favorites, whether they align themselves with John Deere or Horsch.

Farming-Simulator 2013 also features a career mode; players slip on the overalls of a farm manager as they work to make their business as profitable as possible. There's also co-op support for up to 10 players. If the 2011 edition is any indication, rounding up nine friends shouldn't be difficult at all. If that's not enough, players can also nurture animals including cows, chickens, and sheep.

Look for the game on PC in October. In the meantime, be sure to take a look at the gallery of screens below.

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  • I'm not quite sure why anybody would want to play this.
  • "Rounding up nine other friends to play this with you shouldn't be difficult at all"? Yeah maybe if your name is Cletus McGuffrey Beauregarde, you wear nothing but stained overalls, moonshine, and squat in a trailer in the deep backwoods of Tennessee.

    P.S. Is this a joke? No freaking way. Impossible. I am so stupid that I believe every word I said, and whole heartedly believe that every farmer is a toothless hillbilly. Please continue to view this post as a direct assault on your honor and a statement about how fat your mother is. Thank you.
  • It's funny because it's true.

  • I would probably find this as one of the most difficult simulators to play. I imagine it's quite confusing to the average person.
  • The fun of manual labor in the comfort of your own home, who wouldn't want to play this game?
  • i honestly thought this was a joke article at first. and then i remembered harvest moon and realized this isn't as far out as it seems.

  • So... there's no violence? Who would want this?
  • It's basically a hardcore version of Farmville lol

  • Well, I think that would be surprised at how many people will actually buy this. Here in Central Illinois, farming is a big deal. This would be used a training guide for kids whose parents are farmers. Grant it is not for the typical gamer (and I won't be picking it up) but it will still have fans.

  • maybe all the agricultural classes I took in high school so I got a free A and could easily skip class, will finally come in handy

  • Now add in a bit of story and a few girls that can be married and we're good to go.

  • I think I could find this game biographical, the setting reminds me of my hometown.

  • Umm....hmm....I'm trying to think of a funny thing to say about it but I have to say this has left me speechless.

  • Halo, Cod, Assassin's Creed doesn't stand a chance.

  • My grandpa has a bunch of these farming games, I'll tell him about this one xD

  • I'd play this. In fact, I kind of want this. Its not the farming itself that looks fun to do, its the whole aspect of building up an increasingly profitable farm from basically nothing. People farm in MMOs and RPGs all the time, just with exp/gold/loot instead, because its fun to work towards something. Its the same idea, just more focused.

  • I see something like this as having allot of possibilities. I have toyed with the idea of a ranching sim for quite sometime.  Everything from raising cattle dogs to land management to veterinarian ability.  This sort of thing is not for everyone but I am very glad to see someone is willing to do it.  

  • Aw ***. GOTY right here boys and girls.

  • Harvest Moon is great. Because none of it is real and it's charming.

    There is nothing charming about real farmers, unless you're into that kinda stuff...

  • DO you people know where food comes from??? Give you a hint not from stores LOL

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