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  • Blog Post: A Golden But Familiar Path

    The Far Cry series, while generally being well regarded over the course of its three main entries, hasn't stuck to a particular formula when it comes to story or mechanics. Each game is set in a postcard-worthy open-world setting, and allows you the freedom to approach objectives with tactics of... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer Details Three Multiplayer Modes For Far Cry 4

    Far Cry 4's single player may tell the tale of Ajay Ghale getting caught up in the civil war between Pagan Min and rebels the Golden Path, but in the game's multiplayer you'll take both sides. The trailer introduces the multiplayer abilities of Pagan Min's Rakshasa (can use elephants... More
  • Blog Post: Kyrat's Gun Dealer Shows His Wares

    You're certainly encouraged to tackle situations your own way in the Far Cry games, but let's face it: Your options are going to be limited if you've got an empty toolbox. Fortunately, there's someone in Kyrat who's here to help. A new Far Cry 4 trailer provides a guided tour of the... More
  • Blog Post: Far Cry 4's Unique Locales Show The Journey Won't Be Ordinary

    Far Cry 4 is vast, so don't expect the same scenery the whole game. Ubisoft released some new screens to tease what's in store for protagonist Ajay Ghale. From snowy mountaintops of the Himalayas to the mystical Shangri-La, you never know what you might encounter. That includes wildlife, as you'll... More
  • Blog Post: Exclusive Concept Art Gallery

    Games don’t just leap from ideas to code; developers spend a great deal of time and money honing their visions before they are implemented. For Far Cry 4, not only did Ubisoft send a select team of developers out to Nepal to research the country, but it created a museum's worth of concept art... More
  • Blog Post: To Nepal And Back: How Ubisoft Montreal Created A New Country

    Video games often take us to exotic new worlds and fantastical places, but those worlds and places don’t feel real unless a developer fills them with people and items that are grounded in reality. This makes developing a new world from nothing particularly challenging. How does a developer create... More
  • Blog Post: The Face Of Evil: A Look At Ubisoft's Controversial Villain

    Ubisoft Montreal may have worked itself into a corner. With Far Cry 3, the studio created an unhinged murder named Vaas Montenegro. This pirate leader was, unpredictable yet so charismatic that fans loved hating him. How could Ubisoft Montreal possibly up the ante with Far Cry 4? Their answer is a man... More
  • Blog Post: Taking Down A Fortress With A Friend In Far Cry 4

    With open worlds teeming with animals to hunt and outposts to overtake, the Far Cry campaigns have always seemed like natural candidates for cooperative play. For Far Cry 4, Ubisoft Montreal is finally making that leap. Ubisoft had a small co-op demo that gave teams of players a few different options... More
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