"Welcome to the 80s"

As we've seen many times before, some developers take chances when working on DLC. Sometimes they create a surprisingly well developed DLC that we all love to play. Other times it's not that positive. Blood Dragon was a huge risk for Ubisoft and a bold move. I can tell you this, Ubisoft has created an enjoyable experience that has the 80s written all over it.

 In the game you play as Sergeant Rex Power Colt in a alternate reality where the year is 2027 and Canada and Austrailia have been nuked. When Colt's former Omega force commanding officer goes rogue, and raises an army of android killing machines, Sergeant Rex Power Colt sets his blasters to annihilate and goes on a journey to defeat his former officer. Don't just think the Android army is your only threat. You also have to face mutated creatures that you've seen from Far Cry 3, and you also must face giant dinosaurs known as blood dragons.

 As you can tell, this game has the 80s written all over it. From the cheesy dialogue to the retro music to the neon colored atmosphere and even the well written humor, you'll feel you've never left the 80s.  Even the collectibles you can gather are 80s centric. I was born in the 90s and if you're like me who wondered how the 80s were like, this is the closest experience to the 80s you'll get.

  The game play feels as great as it did in Far Cry 3. With the big aresenal of weapons based on 80s culture, Blood Dragon will sure be a blast. Easily the best weapon in the game, or most destructable, is the Killstar. One push of a button and almost anything you shoot out will be destroyed. While this maybe fun at first, but did get tiring after a while. There was just no challenge really with the weapon.

After you finish the campaign, you will have a variety of side missions. While these side missions are fun, there's quite a few that are very generic. One example is clearing out garrison. Garrison are these depots that contains some enemies. Once you've cleared the garrisons, you can use them as fast travel locations. It can be fun but they're limited and once you've done the first two or three, you've basically done them all.

 The one big problem I had with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is it's length. With Far Cry 3, we had dozens and dozens of hours of content to play through. In Blood Dragon, I finished story mode in about 3-4 hourse, and then spent 4 more hours doing everything else. So about 7-9 hours of playing, you'll have nothing else to do, and that's counting the TV sets and VHS tapes. Collectibles in gaming have been a pain sometimes, and blood dragon is a good example as to how annoying collectible can be. You'd think going place to place trying to find these collectibles would be fun but it gets old very fast and become very frustrating to find.

 While Blood dragon is not the perfect game, it is an excellent piece of DLC. With the gameplay style of Far Cry 3 covered in a 80s cover, why wouldn't you want to go back to the 80s? Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the closest thing to the 80s you can get, and even with a short amount of content, the game is a must buy if you enjoyed the 80s or Far Cry 3.