Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a game that can't be taken seriously, has no connection to the phenomonal Far Cry 3 beyond gameplay, has a sophomoric story and writing, and one of the most short-lived side characters of all time. And it's all wonderful. The game is squarely focused on having fun, and I found myself even eagerly hunting down collectibles to unlock another ridiculous weapon mod. The much-talked about 80s feel is here in force, and there are enough action movie references that you might forget that your hero, Rex "Power" Colt is voiced by the awesome Michael Biehn. Even if it operates on a smaller scale, Blood Dragon has plenty to do, with sizable island, garrisons to liberate, animals to hunt, and side missions to undertake. I only take issue with the the visual effects that grate during extended play and the lack of multiplayer or co-op (Section 8 Prejudice had those, and that may have spoiled me for what to expect for $15 dollars.)