The 80's is back and it is back in style. If you are like me you grew up watching 80's and 90's action movies. Movies that were cheesy beyond belief and full of cliches. Films that were great and films so bad they were good. Blood Dragon is a throwback to the good old days. The music, the scenery, the cheesy one liners, the ridiculous plot this game has everything any 80's fan could ask for. The game itself takes about 6 hours to beat. The crafting that was in Farcry 3 has been removed for the most part, there are now upgrades for your weapons that you can unlock and a linear leveling system. Outposts are back and capturing them is not to much different from Farcry 3. The gameplay may be similar to Farcry 3 but the scenery and the soundtrack are where the game really stands out. It has probably one of the best soundtracks i have heard in a while. The story itself is silly and clearly was meant to be so. The weapons are great and a lot of fun to use. Games like this just aren't made anymore and in a market dominated by COD and other shooters this is truly unique and a standout. I don't know what made Ubisoft make this game but here is to hoping there is more to come from them. I can't say that everyone will enjoy this game, but it is the funnest game i have played in a long time and worth every penny. It might not be a long one but it is one awesome ride.