During my first play through of Far Cry 3, I was so excited to continue the main story. I wanted to save my friends as fast as I could and I ran around like a crazy person, rushing the process, to get them away from those psychos. What I learned from this the second time was to slow down. 

In this game you need the right kind of weapons and you need your bag to be able to hold a lot of animal skins and leaves. Big keys to success.

1. Sell everything the game doesn't tell you that you need. You don't need it so don't try to keep it.

2. Go out and find every tower and try to take every base you can. This will open up the world and make it easier to hunt. If you have the property in the green then you don't have to worry about bandits trying to kill you as well as the tiger you are hunting.

3. Silence is deadly. Buy silencers and learn to use a bow. It will make a world of difference.


With this game, the more you know, the more you discover, the better your player will be. Unlock the skills you will use. If you don't use grenades then leave those alone and try another way to build your skill tree.


Hope this helps.