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What's up with Jason Brody?

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  • Jason Brody as the protagonist of Far Cry 3 was one of the most poorly executed protagonists of all time.  He is the rich kid who doesn't know anything of violence or rough living but he becomes the "hero" of the game after his initial kidnapping.  His character does not fit the badass or savior Jason Brody is supposed to be in the game.  Jason has a hard time with his first kill which is a good scene and he reacts negatively when he skins his first few animals which is also a good presentation of his past and nurtured self going through a harsh transformation.  However, Jason is still grossed out by skinning his umpteenth animal and just has to voice his disgust every time.  This does not befit an expert hunter that you are supposed to become to unlock the very useful packs in the game.

    He reacts worse to each animal kill than he does with every human kill.  Jason shows little regret of killing hundreds of pirates and privateers after the first reactionary kill he makes.  To make it worse, Jason reacts like a child or a immature adult would when in the larger and more intense action set pieces of the game.  He gets way too excited and acts like he's playing a game as opposed to killing people in order to save his kidnapped friends.  Plus the exuberance he shows for these violent encounters contradicts the harsh and focused killer he is supposed to become to overcome Vaas and Hoyt.

    Another flaw in Jason's character is found in his interactions with his friends and how he accepts his new role.  Jason rescues his friends and when they show concern for him or ask him what's happening to Jason as a moral being, Jason denies them an appropriate answer, which is not truly inappropriate given the circumstances.  You would think a man who has to kill and kill many to save the ones he cares about would be reserved about the transformation into a killer.  This is not what Jason does.  Jason says it's something he must do and that it is his true calling.  Jason pretty much sums it up as some sort of job or career that he calls his purpose.  This does not make any sense.  You do not just start killing people like its a job in that situation.  

    *******SPOILER ALERT******

    The ending strikes another dissonant chord in Jason's character.  The ending where Jason saves his friends does not match up with any of the previous narrative or Jason's character as presented thus far at all.  Jason throws away violence seemingly on a whim and regrets the actions he's done.  Where did this come from?  Up till now the only regret Jason has shown for killing was his first kill.  Jason shows a certain appreciation and excitement in killing throughout most of the story missions and has told his friends that he wants to stay and inhabit the violent Rook Islands.

    Jason is a flawed character in all the wrong ways.  His narrative and character are contradictory and lacking in too many areas.  Far Cry 3 could have done much better by keeping a consistent representation of Jason throughout the story.  Making Jason reflect on his kills more would have help to establish a moral conflict between the Rakyat and his friends.  Jason staying silent while skinning his fifth animal or so would have been more agreeable.  Jason could have shown more maturity and dry wit as the story progressed.  Jason as the protagonist in Far Cry 3 was just not enough.

  • I was thinking the same thing. It's just weird how he makes the transition from pussy to badass overnight. Other than that the game is awesome.

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