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Being A Team Player In Far Cry 3’s Domination Mode

One of the primary complaints many gamers have with online FPS titles is the self-serving mentality of teammates. Many titles reinforce this behavior by rewarding players for kills more than supporting your team, but some attempts have been made recently to push things in the other direction (such as Modern Warfare 3’s support package). With Far Cry 3, the team at Ubisoft Montreal is putting a major focus on team play, and my hands-on time at PAX East left me thinking their methods may work.

I had a chance to play a few rounds of Domination, and the similarities to Call of Duty’s multiplayer don’t end with the name of the mode. Three points (an ammo dump, fish market, and scrap yard in the Sub Pen area I played) are spread throughout the map, and teams are tasked with defending or capturing these locations. A bar at the top of the screen tracks the flow of battle, and the round ends if either color (blue or red, depending on whether you’re playing as pirates or rebels) reaches the end of the meter.

Where Far Cry 3 sets itself apart from the Call of Duty formula is its clear focus on being a team player. In addition to the standard XP rewards for kills and captures, you also receive TS (team support) points when you help your buddies out. These are gained any time you’re doing something that helps the team effort as a whole, including revives, command point captures, and the new Battle Cry ability. With a press of both thumbsticks, your character lets out a yell that gives a boost to any nearby teammates. A number in the corner lets you know how many allies will be affected, so you’ll want to be in a cluster for maximum effect. Depending on which Battle Cry you’ve selected, the bonus will be along the lines of speed boosts, increasing maximum health, and damage boosts. Done correctly, the Battle Cry can be a huge help for a cluster of allies that are gathered around a control point.

As you collect TS points, a meter fills up that rewards you with a variety of offensive and defensive bonuses. The PAX East demo was limited to three static rewards, but players will be able to customize them in a fashion similar to Call of Duty’s killstreak system. The first reward is a radar, and the meter depletes if you use it. If you’d rather save your TS points for a bigger bonus, you’ll be rewarded with the awesome psych gas item. This cloud of gas affects every enemy in its radius, and greatly impacts their experience. When affected, players will have to put up with cloudy vision and ominous whispers as they try their best to survive. Even worse, the gas makes every character (friend or foe) appear as a black demon-like figure with glowing eyes. Team killing is enabled when the gas is in effect, so you’re at great risk of committing friendly fire while under its spell. The final reward is a huge barrel bomb, which is dropped onto a designated target from a helicopter.

While much of Far Cry 3’s multiplayer is clearly inspired by a formula established by Call of Duty, the TS system could make a significant impact on the gameplay experience. Supporting your allies benefits everyone in a tangible way, and it may succeed in making teams work together as a cohesive unit. We’ll see its affect on player behavior when the game launches this September.


  • Games like Far Cry 3,Bioshock infinite ect are the only Fps games that im going to buy because they have an actual story and not a rushed piece of 5hr crap. So im pretty much done with the whole Cliche military Fps, but these will do because im sure they will actually be epic and im sure alot of hard work has been put into the game and story.
  • Gas looks interesting but the Battle Cry system seems odd and foolish, will probably look better in gameplay footage

  • I'm more interested in the single-player, but the multi-player shows some promise as well.

  • This sounds pretty awesome, two thumbs up

  • Should be able to shout Fus ro Dah.

  • Of all games to make a comparison with they choose mw3. Just thinking bf3 would fit the bill a whole lot better

  • Why is it that almost every screenshot I see of Far Cry 3 is tilted at a 45 degree angle somewhere in the picture?

  • this looks interesting. I currently hate Domination in MW3 because noone ever goes for the objectives. Instead if you actualy try to be a team player you're a sitting duck for enemies...

  • I can't wait for this game, the setting, the rpg elements, the story and characters.  Barring the inevitable delay, I'll be getting it this September for sure.  

  • You say 'Domination,' I say 'Conquest!' >:D

  • Mod

    Never played the series but the trailer with the friends being kidnapped was epic

  • Seems intriuging. Maybe I should pre-order

  • I didn't even know there was a Multiplayer for Far Cry 3. Hopefully there's going to be a a large enough audience for it to be relevant because it sounds interesting. I don't know how many people actually played Far Cry 2, but 3 is looking to top it about by about 1000%. Hopefully people will take a chance on it because the single player is looking to be so much better than 2, and with the addition of an interesting multiplayer I'm glad I pre-ordered.

  • I feel like every shooter is puffed up as "encouraging team play", and they all end up loaded with campers and exploiters and other regrettable people. I'm too jaded when it comes to the FPS multiplayer scene to get particularly excited here.

  • cod3 is just a recycled ip, i played it for the story and sold it back to gamestop

  • Sounds cool.  I thought the multiplayer in the previous games were really underrated.  I had a blast with them, especially the map editor which I hope is in this one, too.

  • MW3's support package? Really? That's the best example of pushing in the other direction? Even with the support package inclusion that is one of the least cooperative mp experiences you can have! How about ME3's co-p, or BF3's anything? I realize ME3 isn't actually an FPS, but I can hardly imagine how MW1-3 could be included in a discussion about moving away from rewarding self-serving behavior!

  • Ugh I really hated FC2... I hope this one improves, otherwise I'm skipping it.

  • i didnt like there other games but ill rent this just for the multiplayer and try it out

  • great