Far Cry 3 is a perfect example of a great game. It has all the necessary elements required a great story with an equally interesting protagonist, and a large expansive area to explore filled with side quests and mysteries galore. The main protagonist Vaas which is featured on the cover really brings life to the story. His behavior towards you and your friends is enough to brew hate. The entire story is pulled along by this hate. However, a fair warning to heed is to not be dragged into the main story. If you continue without any exploration you could easily find yourself at a major climatic moment without any island exploration. I would suggest taking it slow and conquering command posts as you go.

Another great aspect of the game is its weapons. Each weapon has the potential to have 2-3 attachments that fit to each play style. I for instances have a silenced extended mag sniper, a silenced smg, a silenced assault rifle, along with the bow. All suited for sneak however this is just one option. 

FC3 while featuring a vast open world and being branded an RPG with the terrible slogan "like Skyrim with guns' you may be disappointed by its lack of immersiveness. It is not that it has none but it is small in comparison to Skyrim. You won't find much customization outside of the weapons. No storage other than your loot rucksack. However crafting does play a large role in FC3. Each item from ammo pouches to larger rucksacks can be vastly improved upon from the starting items. Each upgrade requires a specific number of animal skins leading up to a rare animal skin for the last. This adds a whole new set of non required objectives.

As mentioned above animal skins are required for crafting which is why the wildlife plays such an important part in the game while also presenting an entirely new challenge apart from pirates. While navigating the terrain you could run into a tiger controlled area and quickly be dispatched by a tiger or two. The larger wildlife such as bears and tigers are extremely dangerous and should be treated with caution. I'd take a group of pirates over a tiger any day.

Along with all these tasks you will undoubtedly level up. While FC3 doesn't offer much in the way of individual skills it allows for useful perks to be chosen after completion of each level. These perks are essential to the progression of the game (unless you like a challenge). There are 3 skill categories to chose from each with their own tree. A sneak , warrior, and long range. From where I am now it looks possible to gain every perk so don't feel like you must choose one type.

All these things add up to a great gameplay experience. Each encounter allows for a different approach each time. A prime example of this varying gameplay is during outpost takeovers. each outpost contains different enemy types which allows for a multitude of options. One example I have is the experience I had with an outpost. I had scouted out the area with my camera, making note of the 2 heavies and the one sniper. Inside the outpost they had a caged tiger. With one well placed shot of the bow i released the tiger. However to my dismay the tiger barely made it out of its cage due to the combined fire power of the terrible trio. I was then required to take another approach. However another added aspect is the alarms in each outpost. There are usually one or two. They can be shot individually or shutdown altogether from the box. If not taken care of before entry reinforcements will be called and create a nuisance. This choose your own way also carries over to story but I will let you discover that yourself.

The last addition to FC3 is the return of the level editor from FC2 with some vast improvements. The most notable being the addition of A.I. You can add enemies, friendlies, and wildlife to your maps. While none of the A.I can be used in Team Death Match or other similar game modes it opens a world of opportunity to hunting or enemy based levels. Along with the around 3,000 items the community based maps will be something worth checking out.

In conclusion FC3 is a definite buy with a great story and expansive gameplay. If you have giftcards or money from Christmas this is a great present for yourself. So pick this up for an experience you won't forget.