I really really loved Far Cry 3. The Far Cry series has been very difficult for me to quantify, as the first game is my favorite game of all time, and the second... Well, we don't talk about the second. Far Cry 3 falls in between the two, but it definitely gets closer to the first. Far Cry 3 seems like an honest and fairly successful attempt to blend bits and pieces of the two games prior to it together, and I respect Ubisoft Montreal for that. However, it seems like there are some parts of the game where they could have gone a little bit further, and made something truly extraordinary. Some of the missions are a little irritating, particularly when you enjoy playing missions more than once with different tactics. For example, in one mission, you are forced to use a stealthy approach, which is what I normally use, but if you alert anyone and the alarm is triggered, you start the mission over. I wouldn't have minded being punished by having to fight off the enemies that were summoned by the alarm. Later in the mission, the alarm is sounded anyways, but I somehow managed to leave the area undetected and escape enemy reinforcements. Little did I know, I would be turned around and marched right back into a dangerous area because the mission required me to eliminate all the enemies that showed up. I understand why I would have to do that if they caught me, but they didn't. This is a rare occurrence however,  and the rest of the game stays with the "do it how you want" strategy. Far Cry 3 is definitely a game that I'll be playing for quite a while, if only to hone my c4 goat hunting skills.