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Far Cry 3

See Stealth And Chaos In This Far Cry 3 Mission Walkthrough

This isn't the first time we've met Hurk and his explosive monkeys, but this is the first time we've seen one his missions played through to completion. The video below shows a full playthrough of one the DLC character's missions with a little bit of narration from the game's Producer. You'll see a stealth path in, and a chaos path on the way out.

Far Cry 3 is set for release on December 4.

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  • This game has so much potential and from what I've seen it looks like it is being fully realized.
  • I just know I'm gonna love the hell out if this game!!!

  • Looking great! Appears to be a BIG improvement from #2.
  • Looking even more amazing in action now... Can't wait much longer for it!

  • I find it interesting that the cursing is censored but it's okay to show people getting their throat sliced, stabbed in the back, or screaming while being on fire. Y'know, in case kiddies are watching.
  • This is looking wayyy better than FC2.

  • This game is gonna' be awesome!

  • God damn, so much for getting this game.

  • I need this game, i really do.

  • the guy's voice is kinda annoying but the trailer is still great, i preordered from gamestop so i will be getting this mission pack but i think it's kinda dumb to only give it to people who preorder from gamestop, all these exclusives and bonuses should be in the game without you having to preorder or buy it separately
  • Alittle more than a month to go. Must wait...... I going to play this game everyday when it comes out.

  • Can't wait for this, my most anticipated game of 2012.  

  • Mod
    I've never played the previous two Farcry games, but the first was still amazing. I read about it and saw videos and It was one that I intended to get, but due to so many other games that I was more interested in I was unable to get into it.

    The second game looked really bad and it apparently ended up subpar. So i ended up skipping that one. This one on the other hand, had that amazng trailer with the group of 3 discovering the Island. One of my top favorite trailers of all time, just in your face insanity. Then with all the coverage it's gotten and this ludocris sold, most likely day one buy for me.

    EDIT: Holy ***, this game comes out a day before my birthday! Oh, it is so on!
  • I cannot wait, I have this and Bioshock Infinite pre-ordered. I liked Far Cry 2 enough and this one looks way better.

  • Staff

    The island looks beautiful, especially for being an open world. Really looking forward to this one!

  • When hearing about this game, I had no interest. But the more I see of it, the more I'm leaning towards getting it...

  • Looks so good. Might preorder this soon

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