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Far Cry 3

Meet Far Cry 3's Resident Psychopath And Sadist

Far Cry 3's island chain is home to a variety of castoffs, thugs, and hired guns. It's all overseen by a psychopath named Hoyt. A new trailer for the game shows how he's earned that dubious title, and also introduces us to Sam, who doesn't seem any less sadistic.

As you can see in the embedded video below, Hoyt rules his men through violence and implied torture. He's probably the worst boss you could possibly imagine; reprimands include getting locked in a cage and roasted alive. One of his top commanders is a man named Sam, the child of notorious war criminals. See those tats? They each contain a bit of his victims' blood. Yes, Jason Brody is about to experience the worst vacation ever.

Far Cry 3 is due out December 4 on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Ubisoft recently released a 13-minute video highlighting the game's open world, so check it out in the meantime.

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  • This trailer just caused me to poop my pants
  • Hoyt seems to be more crazy than Ice Cube.

  • wow this dude is truly a psycopath, he should be put in arkham asylum, he would probably fit right in.
  • Whens the beta gonna happen?

  • I'm loving how every villain in this game is a crazy deranged psychopath.

  • dang, this game is evil amounts of crazy.
  • I feel like every other antagonist is going to pale in comparison to Vaas......... Hopefully I'm wrong!

  • This game looks so sick, why aren't people as excited for it as I am? Far Cry 2 was such a cool game, but had so many weird design decisions. It looks like they've all been fixed and the action has been ramped up. CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!
  • I love all of these crazy *** that they keep introducing!

  • Last game I'm buying for the year, my savings are roughly $800 less since 2012 began.

  • I've never played through a farcry game but this is looking like a buy for me. Anyone think I should pick up far cry 2?
  • Wait, so is Sam on your side or on his? The trailer seems to paint him as a traitor, but the article implies he's still working for Hoyt.

  • Everytime I see a new trailer for Far Cry 3 my heart skips a beat. I seriously can't wait for this game! Looks great!

  • I actually want this game.

  • These videos are awesome! Now show off the damn map editor already!  

  • Is the multi any good in FarCry games? I got into the first and second one's way after they came out and just wanted to know.


  • I was looking forward to this game, but it seems like it adds more and more "Mature" content the more see it, too much content it doesn't need. Blegh.

    I'm not getting it, they are going way overboard. :/
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