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Far Cry 3

Tattoos And Hallucinogenic Drugs

The Far Cry 3 single-player demo shown on the E3 floor was the exact same one shown during Ubisoft’s press conference, so the narrative of the demo is nothing new. It begins with a mostly naked woman telling you that you are the one to kill Vaas, Far Cry 3’s insane antagonist. As you turn to your right, you see a group of your followers who presumably have just been watching you and your lady friend.

From there, the demo moves to the jungle giving you the opportunity to swim through the water and stealth kill everyone who gets in your way. As I was sneaking up behind enemies stabbing them in the chest and neck, I noticed experience points tallying in the corner. Ubisoft told me that you can exchange your experience points to expand your character’s attributes. As you pick and choose what you want to level up, the tattoos on your character’s arms will change. Every player’s arm tattoos will differ depending on what skills they choose to focus on. Presumably by the end of the game, your arm will be covered in distinct tattoos.

By the time you make your way to Vaas’ camp, things change from stealth tactics to frantic first-person shooter action. In addition to the guns I had picked up along the way, I also had a bow and arrow with different arrow tips. A few soldiers were taking cover behind a car, so I equipped my explosive arrow tips and made short work of them by blowing up the vehicle. I made a mad rush towards the building where Vaas was supposedly hanging out, making it inside just as the doors were closing.

I had a bizarre revelation once I stepped inside the building about Far Cry 3’s memorable villain, Vaas. He was angrily shouting at me over the loudspeaker and there were TVs everywhere displaying images of him among other pieces of strange propaganda. I realized that one of the reasons I have been interested in Vaas ever since they gave him the spotlight at last year’s E3 showing for Far Cry 3, is that he reminds me of The Joker from Batman’s universe. The man is an insane murderer, but you can’t help but be absorbed into his psyche. Hearing him talk to me over loudspeakers and seeing the TVs everywhere recalled memories of Arkham Asylum in a surprising way.

After making my way through the building, Vaas appeared from a corner and stabbed me in the chest with some kind of hallucinogenic that had me suddenly walking on the TVs and seeing weird flashes of Vaas, myself, the woman from the beginning of the demo who appears to be Vaas’ sister. The demo ended with Vaas waiting for me at the end of the TV trail pulling my gun to his head and chest tempting me to go ahead and shoot him.

The more I see about Far Cry 3, the more interested I become. Stealth combat is rewarding and violent and the shooting has the smoothness and ease of control of a Call of Duty. The main reason I want to play the game in its entirety, however, is to find out more about Vaas, because that dude is crazy.

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  • hmmmmmm interesting well im looking forward to this she cant get any closer to nudity.....
  • "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?" - Vaas

    Ever since the first trailer, I have thought Vaas was going to make a great villain. I really want to play this game because I love Far Cry. Really glad Ubisoft confirmed there is a level editor in the game like previous ones.

  • Sounds decent, but it's a skip for me.
  • Best FPS this year is between Far Cry 3 and Halo 4
  • Sounds like a typical friday niight for gamers, who would buy that? JK

  • Gunna love playin this.

  • Anyone else getting a Nemesis vibe from Vaas. A Sort of persistent boss who shows up at various points though out the game to taunt you.

    ALSO: How is anyone not excited for this*? It looks bad ass!

    *excludes any one who doesn't enjoy FPSs.
  • Yea, this is definitely going to be a PC purchase (sorry 360 friends x.x). The continued refinement of Crytek's engine (They call this modified version Dunia, right?) is a piece of eye candy far too tasty to pass up. Granted it still looks great on consoles, but the many (MANY) consolations are something I'd prefer to bypass considering I have the means to do so.
  • the e3 trailer and demo is what peeked my interest i'm getting this game day 1. Also Vaas is an awesome character

  • i have a feeling there's a greater threat that will be revealed on the islands this time.
  • I wish developers wouldn't put nudity in video games because that makes me seriously reconsider buying that game.
  • Did i just see boobs in that video? I didn't know they could do that?

  • i'm going to call this right now:

    your protagonist and the antagonist are the same person. you're just a crazy dude with split personalities. i hope i'm wrong cause that'd be so cliche

  • Before I go anywhere near this I need to know;

    Has the driving improved?

    I had to abandon the last game because I just couldn't get used to it.

  • The trailer was pretty intense but I hated 2 so much...

  • You know I never played the other ones but I have seen them played and they are nothing like this one. This is a deffent buy.
  • Most antagonist try to not get killed, Vaas puts your gun to his head and tells you to pull the trigger

  • That dude cray....seriously, though, this game has me interested!

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