Fallout: New Vegas Character Build

 - Lone Wolf - Sniper/Melee/VATS - by DARC Legion

 -Start game with this:







LUCK - 4

Tag Skills: Guns, Repair, & Sneak. (You'll have to tag Sneak if you want to get the Friend of the Night perk at level 2.)


TRAITS & PERKS OVERVIEW: This is all assuming you have already read the in-game info or a guide's description of each perk. Or go here: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout:_New_Vegas_perks


To do this build, you will have to put A LOT of your skill points into combat skills. Pay attention to where I have highlighted in bold the skill requirements for each perk. You should have plenty of points to go around with such a high intelligence, though - get the Intelligence Implant early in the game to get the most skill points possible.


Lv. 1 - Built to Destroy: For any high-DPS character, you obviously want to have a high critical hit chance (adds +3%). The downside of 15% faster weapon degradation can be counteracted by having Raul the Ghoul in your party through the "Regular Maintenance" perk. Hire him in the Prison Shack at Black Mountain, you have to complete the "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" side quest first.

Trait #2 - Kamikaze: There really aren't many perks in the game that give you more Action Points, especially at low levels. The -2 this trait subtracts from your DT can be counteracted with the Sub-Dermal Implant Perk, which gives +4 to DT, so you'll still get an increase out of it too.

 Lv. 2 - Rapid Reload [Guns 30]

Lv. 4 - Educated: Two More Skill Points every time you level up = Must-have perk!

Lv. 6 - Gunslinger OR Toughness: I chose Gunslinger simply because I want to be equally good in VATS with all weapons in the game, not just two-handers. Don't sleep on the pistols, there are some beastly ones in the game...Scoped .44 Magnum FTW! OR you could go ahead and counteract the -2 DT you get from the Kamikaze trait with Toughness (+ 3 to DT), making your default (unclothed) DT become +1, a better choice if you don't think you want to use pistols much.

Lv. 8 - Strong Back: There are a few new perks in Vegas related to carrying more items, but the original is still the best! This is the only perk in this build related to carry weight.

Lv. 10 - Commando: This is a Sniper build, so I shouldn't need to explain why I chose this. You could also get this at Lv. 8, and get Strong Back now, whichever you want more at the time.

Lv. 12 - Sniper: Once again, no explanation needed. After this level, you can take the rest of these perks in basically any order that they are available. I have listed it so that you get all the Guns perks, then the Melee perks second.

Lv. 14 - Finesse: Once again, for any high-DPS character, you want to have a high critical hit chance (adds +5%). FYI, for those that may not know much about critical hit chance, 5% is a MASSIVE increase!

Lv. 16 - Silent Running [Sneak 50]: This perk makes a HUGE difference in the volume of noise you make when moving, and when you wear medium armor enemies won't notice you unless you're pretty much right on top of them. If you wear really heavy Power Armor or something, they might still be able to hear you, though.

Lv. 18 - Jury Rigging [Repair 90]: This is the only perk in this build that helps you repair items, and it helps ALOT! Basically, you can repair really good guns with really crappy ones as long as they are roughly similar. You can get this perk as early as level 14, but your Repair skill has to be 90 to take this, so I put it later in the build, see the Fallout Wikia for more info on how this awesome perk works wonders!

Lv. 20 - Grim Reaper's Sprint: At this point, you've already got a few perks specifically to help with VATS, so you're pretty much required to get this one. YOU WILL HARDLY EVER RUN OUT OF ACTION POINTS WITH THIS!!! This is one of the most overpowered (best) perks in the game, and should be taken by anybody who uses VATS, even if you only use VATS on rare occasions.

 Lv. 22 - Concentrated Fire [Guns 60] AND [Energy Weapons 60] OR Nerves of Steel OR Action Boy/Girl OR Light Step...Get Concentrated Fire to boost your accuracy if you have the required Energy Weapons skill, it's a great perk no matter what weapons you use, but it's extemely useful with low-AP-cost weapons, like pistols. It's also very cool to actually see your VATS percentages go up the more you target a certain part of an enemy.  If you don't want to put points into Energy Weapons, you could go with Nerves of Steel or Action Boy/Girl here instead, whether you want more AP or want it to regenerate faster.  And finally, if you really hate getting hurt by traps, you could go with Light Step.

Lv. 24 - Super Slam [Melee 45]: Okay, I'm sure you're probably wondering where the melee perks that I mentioned earlier fit into this character build, well, they start now... the FREQUENT knockdowns you will get with this perk are extremly helpful against groups of enemies, and will completely turn the battle in your favor if you can take them on one at a time! I saved the melee perks for last because I know most people will probably want to master one skill before moving on to the next. Speaking of which, you'll need to start dumping a lot of points into unarmed if you want to get the best melee perks over the next several levels.

Lv. 26 - Piercing Strike [Unarmed 70]: This is another must for a melee character, it does a great job piercing through heavily armored foes. (-15 to the DT of anything you attack with melee or unarmed.)

Lv. 28 - Slayer [Unarmed 90]: As a melee fighter, this is the ultimate perk. Your attack speed is increased by 30% with all melee or unarmed attacks. In other words, add about a third to your DPS.

Lv. 30 - Ninja [Melee 80] AND [Sneak 80]: +15% critical chance (!), and an extra 25% damage on all sneak attack criticals when wielding any melee weapon. The extra 15% critical chance is well worth it alone (with the other perks in this build, your critical chance will be over 25%!) That means one in every four swings will be a critical hit.


Well, that's all for the perks section, so here's a few of my favorite weapons, see Fallout: Vegas Wikia for more info.


Sniper Rifle+ w/Suppressor - 62 DMG, 145 DPS

Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle - 61 DMG, 155 DPS

Anti-Materiel Rifle - 110 DMG, 49 DPS

Oh, Baby! - Super Sledge, 80 DMG, 131 DPS

All-American Carbine, 28 DMG, 156 DPS

Riot Shotgun - 77 DMG, 316 DPS


Thanks for checking out my build, let me know what you all think!

- DARC Legion