I can't say enough about just how amazing this game is!!!  I've always loved the fallout series, but with the addition of true iron sights, hardcore mode, better followers, amazing new weapons, better graphics, better sound, great controls, incredible gunplay, the V.A.T.S. System we all love with a few tweaks and the ability to track all your followers on the map.  I could go on to mention all the great DLC and the "Ultimate Edition" that's available at GameStop for under $40 that raises the Level Cap to 50!!!  Of course as a Fallout Fan I can say they tweaked this one to perfection on the XBOX 360!!!  I can't think of another game out there like it, nothing else even comes close!!!  It has 3 different endings and multiple story lines for each of your followers.  It's also the best open world shooter I've played to date!!!  It makes taking your favorite guns and a box of ammo with you across the wastes an experience you can't find anywhere else!!!  Not to mention I've never had a game with this much re-play value on any console or handheld in my life!!!  There is truly nothing out there like it!!!  If you don't have this one in your GamerScore then it's worth putting aside whatever your playing and picking up a copy of "Fallout Vegas: Ultimate" and playing through it from start to finish!!!  You'll feel this game more than any other title on any console I can think of.  Simply put, it's not only a must have.  It's a legend and one of the XBOX 360's greatest experiences available to date!!!  It is a single player title, but like I said.  The single most impressive experience I've had in gaming to date on any console!!!  Not to mention nothing out there can let you experience it like an XBOX 360!!!  Enjoy it, it'll be a while before anything else comes close!!!  ^_^