I saw the ad for this, and after playing Fallout 3, I wanted it. And I wanted it bad. I didn't notice Obsidian was developing it (somehow), and I'm glad I didn't. I'm sorry to say, but if I knew that they were, I wouldn't buy it. At the time, I felt like that if Obsidian made a movie, it would be a B movie. I mean, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was forgettable compared to the BioWare developed original KOTOR, and every review I read about Alpha Protocol was mediocre. So if I had noticed they were developing it, I would've shrugged my shoulders, walked away, and never thought about it again.

But, in my opinion, New Vegas was definitely not mediocre. In fact, I liked it better than Fallout 3!

The combat had drastically improved, shying more away from the ghouls to new enemies like giant, mutated scorpions, and bandit-like faction, the "Powder Gangers". V.A.T.S. was still there, along with the blessing of Iron Sights (KUDOS TO OBSIDIAN), and new types of weapons.

The sound definitely was better, due to new, memorable songs on the radio (like, as Mr. New Vegas says, "Ba-Ba-Bing Crosby"), a new, more entertaining disc jockey (Mr. New Vegas), and better sound effects.

The story was cliche, at first, but then shied away from the cliche (someone shoots you in the head, leaves you for dead, you get fixed, remember nothing, and go out for revenge. But you become caught up in a larger scheme along the way). The side quests were definitely more engaging, and there were more choices in the main story line that actually kept me playing it.

Overall, I have to say that Bethesda did the right thing by hiring Obsidian for the job, and that my expectations for Obsidian have rose higher. I can only hope that Obsidian does the right thing next time and continues this good streak.