Fallout 3 was a great game, I never had a problem with anything in that game. Fallout: New Vegas is a different story. Simply they made the game to quickly and Bethesda handed it off to Obsidian amateurs who changed the things that made me love Fallout 3. If the game's leveling up system was left at a new skill every level instead every two I would have liked this game alot more. And I know it's post apocalyptic but stop giving me crap ammo thats does no damage but do give me cities that are full of quests and shops. Fast traveling they even screwed up, you have to load the wasteland to appear in front of a door then select that and load the area. You don't even want to know about the glitches and freezing. Although one thing I did love about this game though is the new aiming down the sights feature. The game's storyline is decent but I had no motivation into completing it. Too make the game worse they added faction reputation that when you are playing to hold a good karma your left making everyone mad. In Fallout 3 you could complete every quest without failing but because of faction rep you can only complete a fraction of the game's quests in a single profile. Overall this game has too many little flaws that brought it down, it had potential but failed. I don't recommend buying this game but renting it is a good deal.