Everyone complains! Fallout New Vegas was just a big DLC for Fallout 3, it was just Fallout 3 redone, blah blah blah. SHUT UP.
New Vegas was made by some of the original Fallout creators! It was amazing and top notch with the stories and possibilities. We don't just see the Enclave or BoS anymore like in Fallout 3! I missed the NCR! Well here's the NCR and Caesar's Legion!
Don't get me wrong, Fallout 3 was amazing! But story wise New Vegas is top notch and definitely above 3.

Hardcore mode, factions, ADS(which didn't work any better but made it feel like it did :D), new skills (<3), more perks, old perk-to-level ratio! SO YOU'RE SAYING WE GET NEW AND OLD FEATURES? HUZZAH
I was a bit too used to FO3 with getting a perk every level and feeling like a boss. But things went back to Fallout 1 and 2 with this game. Every 2 levels you would receive a perk but not only is that similar with the older Fallouts, you also get to choose 0 to 2 perks from the start! I went with Trigger Discipline and Wild Wasteland.
And i must say, Wild Wasteland is the best perk ever.

This game brought more open world to mind because you can mess with any faction you want and someone else probably still loves you. We had multiple endings and karma didn't hinder us AS MUCH, it still does something for us but near what Fallout 3 did for us. Which isn't necessarily good or bad in my honest opinion.

I was also glad to see Mods for my weapons! I was so excited about finding new parts to slap onto my guns. I was also overwhelmed with joy when I saw Big Guns removed and Explosives not just being grenades but being Explosives. It now contains missile launchers, fat man, grenades, mines, grenade launchers. I was so glad to see more Explosives. I am a demo-man and a mid-ranged marksman so I loved many of the new weapons. The Assault Carbine and Grenade Launcher were two things I used forever. I was sad to see they changed my Hunting Rifle and made it icky... i liked it like a mid-range rifle not a sniper rifle with no scope.

The increased amount of available companions was pretty dandy. In Oblivion you got one, and he was the worst thing ever, and Fallout 3 you had one of three, in New Vegas you get like 7 and if you play your cards right they will all stick around Lucky 38 and be bestest buddies with you! Though they did stupid things, they had beneficial perks to go along with them making things more interesting by swapping out companions.

The hardcore mode was fun but I avoided having companions because I feared losing them. Hardcore really gives you a challenge and I recommend it to any "hardcore" fallout fan to give it a shot and see how well they do. I did a straight sprint to the end of the game on Hardcore, I didn't want to waste any time. I helped the NCR on mine and the Legate was nearly invulnerable and he always managed to kill me but i was around 50 XP from leveling up, with a speech level of 88 and a Intelligence attribute of 10, i get a lot of skill points to distribute. So I threw a grenade in a dog pen at the very end and pushed my Speech up to 100 and convinced the Legate to quit and what not... I can't think of how else to really kill him... he's a tough nugget. So anyone helping the NCR (especially on Hardcore) be prepared for this beast.

The DLC for this game was even better than Fallout 3's. Though I was disappointed about not being able to continue after the Hoover Dam, I still loved the DLC. Just like Fallout 3 though it had one that pissed me and others off because it was "stupid" and too difficult at times... Dead Money... but even with that the DLC's were a perfect 100% top notch never played anything better in my entire life... they all tied back to your core universe and with each other! And after Lonesome Road I was astonished at all the ties between everything in this game. I mean seeing Dead Money's main characters collar bombs in Old World Blues got me, but Lonesome Road just shocked and stunned me. I heard it was about an hour of gameplay and was disappointed at first but even for it's price and short game play what happens will change the game for you. It was crazy, I didn't choose the path to kill the main character and maybe that's why mine had so many revelations but I'm not sure.

Fallout New Vegas was a 98% just like Fallout 3
but it's DLC went the extra mile and gets a 100/100
Obsidian you disappointed me at first with no continuing after the main quest but you sure know how to make an amazing Fallout game.