Fallout New Vegas is the follow-up of Fallout 3, one of the best games ever (in my opinion). So does Fallout NV has what it takes to be better than Fallout 3, or is it a game you should skip. Let’s find out:


 Presentation 1.5/2


If you've played Fallout 3 you should feel just back at home, but newcomers may feel weird when they try aiming in 1st person. Because there's no auto-aim, it may feel harder but you get used to it. Also this is a good thing, because this way you need to rely more on your strategy using V.A.T.S.. The loading times don't feel that long, but may annoy some people. They are ok, considering the size of the map.


 Sound and Graphics 2/3


 The sound in Fallout New Vegas is amazing. For example: a gunshot won’t sound the same inside a building than outside. The voice acting is one of the best, it compensates for the lack of animation, expressions, and emotion animations, in characters. It really gives you the feeling that you are having a real conversation. Now the graphics didn't change a lot from Fallout 3, it’s not bad, but sometimes you'll wish they were more polished. There are a lot of bugs, and sometimes it freezes, it may result as an inconvenient, so I recommend saving often. Some places feel more detailed than others (like the Strip), but you'll be wandering the Mojave Wasteland which looks monotonous. The graphics aren't really its shining point, but they do the job.

Story 1.5/2


The story kicks off with you being shot in the head, because of a deliver (a Platinum Chip) you were going to make. Now you've got to track down your attacker, discover why they attacked you for the Platinum Chip, and decide the future of New Vegas. The main story really didn't get my full attention, but there are a lot of side missions that kept me entertained with its characters and argument. The reason I didn't care much for the main story, is that I didn't feel it was the proper story for the setting, that it was developed in the right way, or had the proper ending it should've had (at least in according to my choices).


Gameplay 2/2


 The gameplay is one of the strong points in the game. It’s great, because it relies on you knowing when to use the V.A.T.S.. V.A.T.S. is  a mode which freezes the action, and lets you choose where to shoot at your enemy (head, torso, r-leg, l-leg, r-hand, l-hand, etc.), it gives you the percentage of each part according to your stats (broken limb, gun in good conditions, type of bullet, range of the gun, distance between you and the enemy, condition of the enemy, range or melee, etc.),and then it enters a cinematic mode of you punching or shooting ( depending on your weapon). V.A.T.S. uses AP points, which you can regenerate with certain items, upgrade with perks, or wait until they're full again. Another important aspect of the gameplay is your Pip-Boy. This is essentially, your menu. From here you use items, eat, repair weapons, see the map, put on your current quest, see the locations you've visited so that you can fast travel, heal, etc. There's also a partner system. To get these partners you complete some side-quests and ask them to join you. They are actually really helpful while exploring and more. You can ask them to carry stuff for you, talk to them, do their own personal side-quests, give them clothes, guns, etc., put them in aggressive mode or pacific, and much more. You can change from being on a 1st person perspective to a 3rd person one. There’s a mode called hardcore mode, which makes the game more realistic. You have to sleep, drink water, cure broken limbs, eat, cure radiation, and ammunition has weight. It’s not that hard considering you can put any difficulty with this mode. The gameplay is very varied, and it’s what makes FNV a great game.


Replay value and Extras 1/1


 You’re going to be playing this game a lot. I've spent 150+ hours playing it, and haven't even gotten to the DLCs. There are tons of things to do, choices to make, places to explore, things to do. There are achievements/trophies, Easter eggs, mini-games, hundreds of side-quests and a lot of stuff to do.


This is one great game that is sure to keep you entertained, especially if you liked Fallout 3. Now to answer the question of "is it a better game than Fallout 3?", I have to say that from my point of view, it does not. Because I just felt Fallout 3 had a more apocalyptic setting, with great story, great gameplay and great DLCs. I also strongly recommend Fallout 3 GOTY edition (the one with all the DLCs).


Final score of: 8/10----A good game, with some issues, but very entertaining.