More fallout. Just what I wanted, only thing bad about this game is the companions sometimes do really dumb things, and then get stuck or glitch out and get stuck, and then die because he was stuck during a shootout, and your sol for backup until the fight is over, I haven't ran into any other obvious glitches, like in fallout 3 there were parts in the game with terrible screen tearing.

New Vegas still has its fair share of lag.  While in towns save often after buying/ selling things, because you just never know when it might freeze.

The graphics are good for me, especially headshots in slow mow, head flies off squirting, so the violence is pleasing, weapons do have better sight, the iron sights on the guns help a heck of a lot better than aiming in fallout 3, and if long range aiming isn't for you, just bust out a magnum 20guage shotgun, because now you can mod weapons ammunition ect. and blast heads of with ease.

the sound is great, I can't say much more other than with headphones on, its ambiance the water dripping, footsteps, stepping on a can, or opening doors, sounds real.

game play is the same, free aim shooting, or vats, finding towns/places, adventuring into the wasteland doing a lot of quest chains, and quests that unlock more quests, and respect and loyalty to the people you do work for.

So I gave it an 8, not a lot has changed, just more fallout, which I can't seem to get enough of,