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Oh, What Could Have Been?

As far as I'm concerned, Fallout 3 showed gamers and the industry just what a video game should be.  A huge, immersive world, unparalled choice, and a host of NPC's that did more than just clutter the landscape.  Bethesda not only created the perfect setting for the return of this classic franchise, but they landed a dark sense of noire humor that pulled the player into the experience like never before.  How disappointing it was to see that Obsidian's Fallout universe lacked so much of what made Fallout 3 one of the best games of all time.

The humor seemed forced and uncomfortable, like listening to a comedian who can't seem to quite land any one punchline.  The bright, sunny skies of New Vegas just did not do justice to the "Fallout feel" and the Strip ended up being little but a number of mostly empty, heartless interiors.  The quests lack any "wow factor", especially compared to huge moments like Fallout 3's destruction of Megaton.  Nothing quite came together the way I hoped it would.

The idea of focusing on the different factions, especially Caesar's Legion, was easily the best addition to the game.  Unfortunately, its implementation left something to be desired.  Being locked out of certain missions was frustrating (especially with no urge for a second playthrough) and left gamers missing out on what could have been a story full of great double and triple crosses played against the different factions.

I must admit that New Vegas probably would have been seen as a better game if it had not followed the masterpiece that was Fallout 3.  Nonetheless, this chapter of the Fallout Universe was one of my greatest disappointments in gaming history.  I can't help but to put the blame on Obsidian, who should have let the masters stay at the helm.

  • Fallout 3 is what should've been considered the disappointment because it was on the east coast, contrary to west, copied and pasted the original two Fallouts, and cannonically was 100% innacurate
  • I am sorry and I know it's your opinion but Fallout New Vegas was slightly better due to how well it was written, it was made by some of the original makers of the game...

    Fallout 3 was the most far fetched Fallout and it was an interesting twist on the universe but I didn't expect it to happen again. The humor did lack in this game but not all the time, example Old World Blues. The big quest in New Vegas (the equivalent of Megaton) was unnecessary. That quest was there for one reason, karma and a home.

    I don't know what else to tell you it's a great game, I still play it and all my other Fallouts

  • the main plot felt like it should have been a side plot. I had a hard time getting into it after playing eler scrolls and fallout 3.