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The Best Way to Safely Navigate the Wasteland

Fallout 3

The Best Way to Safely Navigate the Wasteland

On Operation: Anchorage, upon completion you are awarded with the chinese tactical armor.  DON'T SELL OR LEAVE IT.  When you crouch while wearing it, your character goes into a mode similar to when you use a stealth boy.  In other words, you become invisible.  While this armor is equipped and you are crouched, no one, and I mean no one, can see you.  The best part is, if you have a melee weapon (I recommend the shiskebab with the fire-perk turned on, maximum sneak damage)  or a silenced weapon, and you attack some one without your body touching them, they will die and the surrounding people will not notice you.  This is a flawless exploit that will get you through the toughest situations unharmed.  Just beware, if your body comes into contact with an enemy or friend, all hell will break lose on you.

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  • Dang it. I'm going to have to restart.

  • Thanks for the tip, I didn't think it was worth much when I first saw it. I'll pick it up when I'm going through another one of my playthroughs.

  • noted, ill check it out

  • Really? People didn't figure that out? The Ninja suit is freaking awesome, particularly if you don't plan on spending a lot of points on your Sneak skill (and even then it's still worthwhile). The loot was really the only good part about Op: Anchorage (which doesn't resemble my hometown or it's geology/geography at all, not even in the "oh yea I could see it looking that way in a few hundred years" sort of way).

  • Not that I mean to say this is not a good tip, because it is; I just figured out the sweetness of that armor within moments of donning it is all. Another note; the sniper rifle you get is one of the only weapons I've found (ranged that is) that actually seems to work better in the standard FPS fashion; that is to say I get more headshot crits with it just using the scope and not VATS.

  • Haha I thought this was common knowledge. The Chinese stealth suit is beast! Check the Fallout group for a glitch i posted about the stealth suit.

  • so thats what its for i have not tryyed it but that could help me out with a lot of missions

  • ya eversince i first got operation anchorage on jan 27, 09 ive always been using the ninja suit, especially when igot the broken steel add on

  • The stealth armor, winterized t-51b power armor, and gauss rifle are only ones in game. don't sell them!!!  

    (Note: can wear t-51b without power armor training, and automaticly able to wear regular power armor without traning afterwards. power armor is awesome!)

  • Also the shock sword is unique(and very, VERY useful, and the stealth armor, though good, gets damaged realy easy. REPAIR THEM ALL FREQUENTLY. also WINTERIZED T-51B ARMOR IS UNBREAKABLE. ALWAYS AT 100 PERCENT. though in mothership zeta an alien managed to actualy  damage it.

  • thx man i killed a deathclaw with a baton

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