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  • Wiki Page: How to get out of the map in Takoma Industrial

    To get out of the map is simple, first you need to make sure you have found the area Takoma Industrial, one of the five Behemoth locations. Next you need to enter the Factory in the area, the huge building in the area. Once inside walk up the first flight of stairs you see which should be to your left...
  • Wiki Page: How to find Dogmeat.

    To find the awesomely strong and adorable Dogmeat you must follow these instructions. Go to Moira Browns store On the second quest for her when you go to collect mines go to that town. On the map where you see the icon of the town head directly south You will see a logo of a place come up. When you get...
  • Wiki Page: Infinite xp in operation anchorage

    First off, you will need to pass the first section, which includes destroying the 3 turrets. At this point you will need to choose a type of infantry(doesnt matter which one) choose a side you wanna take on and once the captain stops and asks you what do you want to do, tell him to wait and then kill...
  • Wiki Page: easy money glitch.

    When you get to a trader that has two of the same weapon or apparel the glitch will work. you buy one ( i advise the cheaper one to make the process faster) and sell it buy angain and sell. repeat until you get the item bought and it is at full condition. sell it buy it and sell until you have all thier...
  • Wiki Page: Easy XP For Fallout!!!

    Alright, not Leveling up is the number one more important thing to do in this game. Here are a few steps Items Needed: Frag Mine, and a Unexploded Megaton (Defuse the bomb, dont rig it., or just dont touch it) 1) Alright go to Megaton, the first city you find. 2) Next you want to go in to the Craterside...
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