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Most Special Weapons

Fallout 3

Most Special Weapons

1.The Terriable Shotgun=inside evergreenmills bazaar held by smiling jack 2.Wazer Wifle=little lamplight held by biwwy pay 500 caps or use child at heart and get it free 3.Ol'painless = in the safe of dave at the republic of dave ,must kill dave to get 4.reservist rifle = held by drifter in side dickerson tabernacle church must kill to get 5.Xaulong Rifle = inside museum of technology start from first terminal and click 000 then click 001 then click 019 2nd terminal located after yu go threw vault door click 053 ,last botom of rocket ship click 113 then go to security officers safe and claim money head to jury street metro station and head inside diner weapon is on body of prime 6.A321's plasma rifle complete quest The replicated man and take harkness's side and claim weapon [as soon as you claim gun sprint to doctor zimmer before harkness can and tell him about harkness being android and he gives you the combat module then watch them battle it out]7.victory rifle = inside shack on cliff near rockbreakers last gas ,inside locker [very hard] use dogmeat and he gets it for you 8.Stabhappy inside raid shack near bethesda ruins 9.ocaans razor = on body of ocaan inside talon company fort near crators 10.vampires edge = kill vance during quest blood ties 11.the shocker inside flooded metro 12. the fisto inside power plant next to minefield top floor 13.Colonel Autumn lazer. pistol = kill Colonel Autumn during main quest Take it back 14. colonel Autumns 10 mil pistol = inside colonel autumns quaters 15.z418 chinese pistol = lob enterprises inside ceos office 16.Alien Blaster inside crater after picking up radio singal 17.alien blaster Firelance randomly droped from sky after big explosions from above 18.Miss launcher = inside fort independence [outcast camp] 19.jack the ripper = inside deathclaw santurary near dead enclave soldier 20.smugglers end= inside eldor lyons safe 21.ultra smg = on syndeys body or give her note from dad ,moonbeams letter from inside statesmen hotel 22.the board of education = inside clifftop shacks  23.vengence inside deathclaw santurary inside bloody grotto 24.kneecapper = on body on ronald layren from girdershade 25.the tenderizer =inside anorage memoreial near fridge 26.protectons gaze =reward from mechanist if you helped defeat antagonizer 27.the break= on pool table inside paradise falls28.burnmaster inside franklyn utility metro29.black hawk =complete quest agathas song then find sheet paper [located inside arlington library 29.lincolns repeater= inside muesem of history in glass case top floor of livrary 30.MIRV collect keller family holotapes then open armory inside national guard armory then open bunker 31.eugene gift from riley of rileys ranger [choose between special armor or gun or killeveryone get armor gun and special helmet]32.highway mans friend inside garage of canterbury commons

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  • you should space out these dif. weapons, it'll help people actually read it i couldn't hold myself to read all of it...

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