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MIRV Experimental fatman

Fallout 3

MIRV Experimental fatman

The MIRV Experimental fatman shoots 8 mini nukes at one time, kinda like a nuclear shotgun . You will need exactly 8 nukes to fire it , any less and it simply will not work . The MIRV is located in the National gaurd depot at the northern end of the DC ruins ( make sure to also pick up the Small Guns Bobblehead while you are here).

First things first , the MIRV is locked inside a bunker , which of course is password protected ( what you thought this was going to be easy ? ). To unlock said bunker , you will need all 5 of the Keller Family transcripts. The Keller family were planning to meet here to hide from the impending nuclear war , each one of them had 1 of the 5 numbers required to open the door ( stupid plan cuz it kinda screws everyone else when one doesnt make it ).

So let's begin , numbers 1 and 4 are at locations that are actually named on the map, 1 is in the backyard of the Grisly Diner which is northeast of Minefield . Number 4 is on the pulpit in the church at the Hallowed Moors cemetery , which is just northwest of the Meresti trainyard, or almost due south of the Germantown police headquarters. Raiders at both locations, but I didn't really need to tell you that right ?

Number 2 is in a shack overlooking Rockbreakers Last Gas , also here are 2 pet radroaches in a cage and the Victory sniper rifle ( Victory is in a locked cabinet with 100 lockpicking skill needed to open it ). Super mutants in the area.

Number 5 is in a tent by a broken down truck , north across the river from the Anchorage Memorial, be careful there is a Super Mutant Master in the tent.

And finally number 3 , for this one you will need to find the VAPL-58 Power station , which is north and slightly east of Fort Bannister. Once you get there follow the power lines north to the last pylon , there is a shack built around the base , light resistance , maybe a Super Mutant or some Ghouls .

 That's it , you're all set , now you just gotta get to the depot . Good luck , it's a long trek.


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