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Mini nuke locations

Fallout 3

Mini nuke locations

Ok now you have your shiny new MIRV experimental fat man , and you need some ammo (it does shoot 8 after all). Mini nukes being scarce , chances are you need a few to fully enjoy the devastation this monster can create , so here ya go .

I'll start with the obvious , you did grab the 5 out of the National gaurd depot while you there right ? Doh ! I'm assuming you also picked up the one at Hallowed moors cemetery , and the one at the pylon north of Powerstation VAPL-58 , no , duude wheres your head at ? ( If you don't know what I'm refering to read my guide on finding the super badass MIRV experimental fatman ) Before you set out north along the powerlines go inside Powerstation VAPL-58 , look up , 1 is on top of the light fixture near the door , shoot it to knock it down , don't worry for some reason you can safely shoot a nuclear bomb in the wastelands ( something in the air makes the casing bulletproof ).

Ok now try to keep up , 3 in Bethesda ruins ( also here is the Lockpicking Bobblehead ) , also in the area 1 in a jack knifed truck under the monorail east down the highway from Bethesda ,  ( 2 skill books here too ) . From Bethesda go south east past the Chryslus bldg to find 1 in a Super Mutant fortified sinkhole in the roadway ( there is a raised concrete wall to the north for cover ).

Next we head to Fort Constantine for 3 , all of them are in the bomb storage bldg , 1 upstairs 2 downstairs . Southwest of the fort you find Deathclaw Sanctuary , where if you really need it you can find 1 in the first chamber next to the corpse pile . From the sanctuary head west and a little north , past broadcast tower KB-5 to find a Raider shack with 1 inside in the bathtub , northeast of the shack will be a lone bathtub with a skeleton and 1 more . Southwest across the freeway from this shack is a jack knifed truck with 1 more , be careful approaching there may be an explosion , but the nuke will still be there. And finally north of this same Raider shack will be a will be a wharf with 1 more  by a bookcase .

Next head over to Oasis to find 1 in the sunken caverns in an underwater grotto . East of Oasis is SatCom Array NN-03d , all the way on the top , in the sattelite dish you will find 2 , yes 2 this time ! Watch out for the holes , a fall would be rather unpleasant , and bonus ! You get a really nice view .... of a Super Mutant mannequin? Umm cool ?

 All right , continuing east , you will find Old Olney , listen very carefully , if you are not the Ultimate Badass , DO NOT explore this area , I repeat DO NOT come near Old Olney , that being said if you simply must have these next 2 nukes make sure you have a Dart Gun , yes I said Dart Gun . Why you might ask  , simple , Old Olney is Deathclaw heaven . They are everywhere . They are fast , and if you've never seen one before , they will make you cry as they quickly rip your puny little head off . However if you manage to get your trusty little homemade Dart Gun out in time , you might manage to cripple one , as tempting as it may be to run circles around it maniacly laughing as you kill it with your weapon of choice , Don't . Kill it quickly ( I like the Alien Blaster for this job ) Deathclaws are rarely alone , and this area is full of them ( there are at least 10 in Old Olney itself ).

 Ok back to the matter at hand , just west of Old Olney is a ruined farmhouse , inside the barn you will find 1 nuke. Continuing on into Old Olney itself (R.I.P. fool ) go down into the sewers , you will find 1 inside the generator room , if your Lockpick skill is not 100 don't bother coming here . If you are still alive head south from Old Olney , past Greener Pasture Disposal site . You will find the Roach King sitting in his Rocket throne , he will attack on sight , kill him to claim 1 nuke .

Ok Powerstation VAPL-66 is south east of Girdershade , you will find 1 inside next to the desk . Powerstation VAPL-84 is east of Girdershade , 1 outside in the truck ( what's up with all these nukes laying around at Powerstations ).    On to Tenpenny Tower , 1 in Dashwoods safe , for this one you've got two options , kill Dashwood to get his key ,  bad karma of course will follow (  personally my favorite kind ) , or read his terminal to find out that he regrets mistreating his servant and wonders where he went .  To find out you must find Rockopolis , which is just north of Girdershade , just past an irradiated pond. Rockopolis is a little difficult to find the only thing outside is a hatstand , and a tattered flag ( try looking for it at night , you will see light around the edge of the door ). Inside not only will you find out what happened to the servant , but you will also find the Unarmed Bobblehead . Report back to Dashwood , he will give you the key to his safe where you will find 1 nuke , and Bottlecap mine schematics ( that's a lotta trouble for some good karma , but he's a nice old guy I guess , so maybe worth letting him live ).

Next head on over to the Evergreen Mills area ( north of Tenpenny Tower ) . Just east of Evergreen mills is a ruined church , inside by the pulpit is 1 nuke . Raiders are everywhere here , that's because Evergreen Mills is a base of sorts for them . If you feel up to it head over and clear them out . Evergreen Mills is surrounded by mountains , a good strategy is to set up on the east side and snipe the generator that powers the electric fence keeping the Super Mutant Behemoth caged .  The Behemoth will return the favor by wiping out most of the 20 plus Raiders here .  Head down after the battle and get up on the trains to finish off the Behemoth , he can't reach you up there .  Now you might ask why bother with all this ? Well it's fun of course , plus you get a ton of  loot after the battle , but best of all go inside Evergreen Mills and find the bartender Smiling Jack  .  Kill him to claim the best shotgun in the game the Terrible Shotgun . This combat shotgun is my most used weapon in the game by far , with your small guns stat boosted to 100 it does over 70 damage.

Back to the nukes , Fort Independence is south and slightly west of Megaton , and has 2 (  don't bother to come here if your lockpick skill is not at least 75 ) . Continue south west to Cliffside Caverns for 1 more , there is also a Nuka Grenade schematic here a bit farther in from the nuke, collect it even if you already have one ( in case you didn't know each schematic of a weapon found improves the damage by 10 % )  Just west behind Vault 101 is a ruined farmhouse with a fatman and 1 nuke .

Ok thats all for now  I will edit this tomorrow and add more locations hope this little reference helps , cya

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  • there is also 1 in the super duper mart go to megaton talk to moira brown in the craterside supply and then follow the marker the door to the medicine room is locked and average i think but the key isnt hard to find just look around retards but theres stimpacks radx radawy nuka cola quantums and a lot of other stuff in the super duper mart including the shitty laser pistol

  • got all of em thanks man

    oh yeah, flak n' shrapnels mini nukes respawn, i have like 100

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