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Make Money Easily In Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Make Money Easily In Fallout 3

Please note that even though I edited the guide I do not support this guide nor can I confirm it's usefulness. I have merely edited the guide to make it a little easier to read.

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  • I would suggest that you keep rude remarks away from your guides, they make them rude and unappealing. also, please do research on where certain areas are (Town Names, NPCs, etc.) seeing as you are the guide's author you should be knowledgeable in the subject. Pictures of certain characters also helps with tracking down those hard NPCs.

    Do not insult the reader at the end of the guide either, it shows even more rudeness and makes the quality of the guide decrease immensely. Remember that you also need to spell words correctly as well as giving proper spacing to make the read easier on the readers. I have edited the guide's layout to help you get started, whether you feel like continuing the improvements is up to you.

    - Protomega

  • aww *** wheres my violent text about blood and my evil thirst for it ,dear god there are haters everwhere ,well yall arent haters but i left myspace to and came here to write *** and talk dude i researched my stuff by the way and if your talkin about bannon being black thts funny i have a black friend who helped me write it well half black but who really gives a *** but thx tho i guess but yall couldve left my bloody writing .......next guide idea i will give out a warning ,dont read this guide if your a *** f**ing wimp who cant take my 'rude remarks' and no i will insult the reader deal with it  im not being mean just leave my guides alone wat the hell i dont even know you anyways ._.

  • and also sorry for the cursing-fest

  • i just go out into the wasteland and search places i haven't been before and pick up everything i can find (and steal) bring it back to crater side supply and sell it works well i have over 3,000 caps and that's with buying ammo and health items

  • same here assassin i just wrote itfor the hell of it ,but these f***in haterz edited and ruin a good 40 minutes of typing ass lickin *** wimpz ._.

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