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How to get T-51b Power Armor

Fallout 3

How to get T-51b Power Armor

Wondering " How do I get the freakin' T-51b Armor?!?!" lookie here.  Allright . First I reccomend getting the animal friend perk, cause where this is going , there's a couple dozen molerats and tons of Yao Guai, which with the perk, Yao Guai, vicious dogs, Molerats, and mad Brahmin won't attack you and if are nearby during a fight and see it, they will jump in and attack the attacker. Next, get a follower ( dosn't matter which) go to  paradise falls near fort constantine And mark it on your map and walk from there. now youre going to eventually(and unfortuanataly) stumble across a super mutant camp. some Yao Guai will be around and will atack the first 1 or 2 Muties and your follower will help. but sadly and unstoppabley, a super mutant brute (3rd or 4th) has a rocket launcher and will blow your mutated bear friends and your follower(s) to pieces. whip out frag grenades, nuka grenades,a Fat Man ,etc explosives.constantly taking cover before throwing , take cover before it fires missiles. eventually it will die. enter the camp, search the mutants and shacks and free the captive. Where your going, you're gonna need lots of stimpaks and bullets. Proceed to constantine. on the way theres gonna be some protectotrons and possibly a Robobrain. once youve gotton to the office parking lot, take cover : A Mr. Gutsy , 3 to 4 Protectotrons and a robobrain. kill them and go in the ranch across the road. Go in, kill the protectatron and enter fort constantine , accesible by the floor, oh and Before you go, You should do the "you gotta shoot em' in the head Quest " to get the keys from the bigots, give them to mr. Crowley, but have a follower to back you up, Kill Crowley and take the keys, Most likely everone will attack you so kill everyone except Patchwork And Snowflake( because they are the only ones that will make you lose karma when you kill them) Go to the chop shop And kill the doctor and nurse graves and take the supply key and take what you need from the box, Kill tulip, she has a key for supplies such as Guns, ammo, armor, caps, aid, etc. Go to constantine underground.(Lower Levels) If you survive till the room with the second Sentry bot, Look around , you will find a girls body named tara, take the key on her, her body will be leaning against a door, Go in that door and It will be a very clean room and shiny. directly in front of you across the room will be The T51-B power armor and helmet . get on the terminal in there and select " Disable force field" and BOOM your got yourslf the armor and helmet.

Happy Hunting,

        FalloutintoRE5    :D


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  • You know you could just kill Crowley after you give him the keys and he goes to get the armor.

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