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how to get a 1400 caps in the first ten minutes of fallout 3

Fallout 3

how to get a 1400 caps in the first ten minutes of fallout 3

okay heres how to get 1000 caps in the first 10 minutes of the game okay once you get out of the vault go to sunny vale and go to the boat house before you go in save then try to talk to the lady then try to get your speech to talk to her about colin moriuarty then go to the one with a speech percentage  and select if it says succsess then you get 400 caps if it says failed just start from your last save and repeat then after that you want your explosives to be at least 30 then go to megaton and save like before and talk to lucas simms then ask about the bomb then say i can defuse it then hell say for 100 caps go to ill do it if you throw in another 500 caps sgain if it says succeded  then go to the bomb and defuse it then go talk to lucas simms again hell give you 600 caps and there you go......... BUT, if you want to get 1400 coins continue from step 1 then go to mega ton and talk to mr.burke in moriartys saloon then he'll tell you to put a fusion charge to the bomb then go to tenpenny tower then go up the elevator and talk to mr.burke on the balcony then activate the switch and kaboom( you should do this at night it will be alot cooler) but you will lose karma if you do this any way thats how to get 1400 caps in 15 min.

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  • Nice guide.

    I'm not for sure how much money my method makes but it starts you off quite nice:

    When you see Mr. Burke is the saloon, go back and inform Simms. He'll run to the saloon to confront Burke. Burke will kill Simms and then you're free to kill Burke. Loot both the bodies. For something pretty cool gear.

    Also as a side note, the key that Simms drops opens up an armory in town. Inside is some nice loot but its guarded by a decently strong robot so be careful.

  • nice but not good enough in ten minutes ide probly have 2000 or 3000 for one rob the brass lantern the lock is very hard but if yu noticed hacking the terminal is very easy skill ,dont waste time and just kill silver ,fix all the water pipes for walther ,help leo stahls with drug issues = 3 of every drug there i plus 100 bucks ,dont blow up megaton yu will make shitz of money in the long road ,find grandmas hollowed rock for drugs and sniper rifle my friend in ten minutes i can do alot of things i give this guide a thumps down and a fart ,yu suk

  • wow thanks guy but the infinate caps glitch is SO much better:

    go to a merchant, find 2 (or more) of the same weapons or armor in their inventory .

    buy the cheapest one , sell it, buy the cheapest one again and it should be in full condition

    sell it.

    buy it again; it will not be in full condition

    keep buying and selling to get all their caps

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