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How to find Dogmeat.

Fallout 3

How to find Dogmeat.

To find the awesomely strong and adorable Dogmeat you must follow these instructions.

  1. Go to Moira Browns store
  2. On the second quest for her when you go to collect mines go to that town.
  3. On the map where you see the icon of the town head directly south
  4. You will see a logo of a place come up. When you get there it will say you found Scrapyard
  5. Enter through the gate and look around until you see some raiders fighting a dog.
  6. Don't interfere and let the dog kill off all the raiders.
  7. Once it's done talk to the dog and tell it to follow you
  8. Congrats it's now your dog
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  • thx

  • Found him all by myself...hes really usefull... when hes not soaking up bullets like a puppy sponge.

  • I had Dogmeat, but for some reason, I lost him. I left him at my Megaton house but he's gone and not at 101

  • If you lots Dogmeat dont worry. he will try to find you at megaton and Rivet City and if he cant he will walk to 101 but all that walking with take a couple of days. When I'm in battle and Dogmeat dies i cover his body with land mines, stand on top and shoot them and kill my self. I couldnt imagine life with out Dogmeat X(. Dodmeat and Charon....My home dawgs.

  • thanks i found him, i also have the Puppies! perk, infinate dogmeat. infinate xp...

  • i like dogmeat but.... he dies a lot when he rushes on a large enemy, i don't use him, he's in my magaton house..

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