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Hit and Run. Great escape from most enemys.

Fallout 3

Hit and Run. Great escape from most enemys.

Put yourself in this positon walk up to a pack of raiders thinking you are all big with your perfect condition plasma rifle and perfect power armor. You kill them. But wait another pack comes out of no where and your healths lower then your comfertable with. So what do you do? Thats right reach in your trusted bag for some health. But wait theres no stimpacks. Thats ok you can always heal with some good ol' Suger bombs. mmmmmm. yummy. But it only did so much. Oh no your out of health aids! What do you do? You run! Start running twords a rock or somthing that would often keep you well hiddin. Make sure on your compass there are no red marks. In case u havnt noticed on the game no red marks basicly means theres no enemys. There for it makes you hiddin. Pull up ur pip boy and run to rivet city and heal yourself.

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  • yeahif u wanna be a coward about it LOL stand and fightforever hold your ground be a badass LOL

  • It is not a good escape if you have already been spotted by the other group because they will chase you and it is hard to run away from an enemy.

  • RAIDERS?! i use my weakest gun on em. ill also never run out of stimpaks cause i have 1000 of em. only good with people that are level 2

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