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Find T-51B Power Armor

Fallout 3

Find T-51B Power Armor

Finding the T-51B armor takes a bit of time, but isn't terribly difficult.  It requires finding a set of 3 keys.  To make things easier, you may want to visit Underworld in the Museum of History and talk to Mister Crowley and activate the "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" mission.  This will mark the location of all keyholders on your map.  The keyholders include: Dave of the Republic of Dave in the extreme northeastern corner of the Wasteland and directly north of Canterbury Commons.  Dukov at Dukov's Place in northwestern Capitol area and southeast of  Super-Duper Mart.  And, finally, Ted Strayer of Rivet City; the southeastern most location on the map.  If your speech skill is high enough and you are completing the previously mentioned quest, you can convince them to give you their keys, otherwise, you will need to kill them.  Once you have aquired the keys, head to Fort Constantine in northwestern Wasteland.  I reccomend taking a short-cut through the CO Quarters next to the Fort itself.  Once in the Quarters, make your way down the stairs to the basement, where you will see an open safe on your left containing a bobble-head you might want to grab.  continue to the "Door to Launch control Bunker".  From here it's pretty straight forword.  Look for "Door to Bomb Storage" and enter.  In the first room, on the left side behind two doors is your prize.  Enjoy!

*Tip:  You can return the keys to Mr. Crowley and collect your reward.  Once he has all the keys, he promptly leaves Underworld.  If you are very patient, you could follow him (I never have so maybe something cool happens if you tail him all the way there), if not, it would be a shame if he got robbed on his way out of the dark, deserted museum.

The armor above is the standard T-51B Power Armor. There is another version of the armor called Winterized T-51B Power Armor you can simply get that armor by purchasing the Operation: Anchorage Add-on. After that you must complete the add-on and you will have access to the Outcast Outpost Armory from there you will be able to grab the Winterized T-51B Power Armor it is in full condition and it will withstand 10 million damage. I hope this guide will help everybody that reads. Questions or Comments? Ask Dennis or Noah and we will be able to assist you. ( Noah would help better on the standard T-51B Power Armor and Dennis would help better on Winterized T-51B Power Armor. )         

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  • or you could just buy the Operation Anchorage download and get the armor.

  • thanks man that helped SO much!

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