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Fallout 3 Prototype Medic Armor Location

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Prototype Medic Armor Location

1 - To obtain the Prototype Medic Armor follow this direct directions!

2 - First off, you must proceed to Old Oldney. Old Oldney should be located near by the Grissly Diner and The Republic of Dave.

3 - However, BEWARE! If you are starting out and have barely any experience you will be raped by the Deathclaws in the area. When I say  there are Deathclaws I mean there are alot Deathclaws!

4 - So I suggest preparing with a few health items and the Alien Blaster or The Terrible Shotgun for maximum damage.

5 -  Then as you enter Old Oldney kill all the Deathclaws and enter the manhole that says " to Old Oldney sewers". You should find the manhole if you look around by the buildings.

6 - Battle the Deathclaws in the sewers till you reach a place with a few dead wastelanders and 1 dead brotherhood of steel soldier. This place is near a open cave with a dead end.

7 - Select the dead soldier to see her items and select  the Prototype Medic Armor.

8 - The armor should then activate and speak to you. This armor is rare and uses your Med- Ex to ease you without you even selecting it. Also you should get a note explaining the uses of this armor.

Review- Head to Old Oldney, kill the *** load of deathclaws, enter the sewers in Old Oldney, fight even more *** loads of deathclaws, then finally find the armor by the dead corpses!

By: CJ Murph

Please comment if you still need help finding the armor.

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  • Thanks for the guide! I had no idea about this.

  • I spent 48 hours in total looking for that armor. Thanks for its location.

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