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Easy XP For Fallout!!!

Fallout 3

Easy XP For Fallout!!!

Alright, not Leveling up is the number one more important thing to do in this game.

Here are a few steps

Items Needed: Frag Mine, and a Unexploded Megaton (Defuse the bomb, dont rig it., or just dont touch it)

1) Alright go to Megaton, the first city you find.

2) Next you want to go in to the Craterside Supply (I belive thats the name.. Havn't gone there in a while)

3) When you enter, make sure you have a Mine,

4) You will see a Guard standing against the wall.. walk through the doorway he is leaning next to, then face the backside of the wall his leaning agianst.

5) Get your mine out and be ready to defuse it.

6) you are going to plant it, because the Guard is in close proximity to the mine, the mine will be triggered, defuse it! Quickly, you will earn about 15 XP Each time you do it..

** I recomend saving before you do this, cause if the mine goes off, you get bad karma, and the whole town comes after you... Or you die... Either way.. Bad.. So Save before you start this.**

Thanks, Paul.

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  • wow that cool tip

  • its a good idea, but honestly you dont really need to worry about exp, just doing the side quests and exploring and what-not gets you to the max level easily enough.

  • That's a good tip for when you need those extra xp.  It's better than exploiting the sandman perk.

  • pretty good, but really a last resort, b/c there are so many other ways to get extra XP

    1) sell scrap metal to white bearded guy in Megaton

    2) (only if you have Broken steel DLC)  you can also give cameras and sensor modules to bald guy in red robe in lab in the Citadel

    3) you can go into  a hotter than hell zone of downtown and go on a mssive supermutant/Enclave killing spree  (Also if you have BS DLC, you can turn in Supermutant samples to one of the paladins in Section A of the citadel)

    4) Finally you can just go out on a plain old killing spree killing anything that is moving (if youre into that sort of stuff)

  • im already a level 20

  • Nice tip when youre lower lvl, once youre 20+ its very slow, and way too time consuming.

  • Cool tip thanks.

  • The other suggestions all work but overall good tip for people who need them

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