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Fallout 3

To get through a terminal without only having 4 tries you have to try to hack it 3 times and if you fail all 3 times leave the terminal and try again and then you constantly do that and you will have unlimited tries to hack a terminal.

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    A Few Epic Weapons You Want.

    1. You definitely want the Terrible Shotgun. This can be found carried by a raider named smiling Jack in the bottom end of evergreen mills (place with super mutant behemoth...
  • 150%

    Infinite Caps

    O.K. everybody, to get seemingly infinite caps all you need to do is: find a merchant that has two of the same weapons or armor in different condition (Flak n' Shrapnel's...
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    Beat Fallout 3 with as little effort as possible (DLC)

    Step 1: Put alot of points into stealth skill and a prefferred fire arm type (small guns, melee, whatever) Step 2: As soon as you can complete the Operation: Anchorage...
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    Find T-51B Power Armor

    Finding the T-51B armor takes a bit of time, but isn't terribly difficult. It requires finding a set of 3 keys. To make things easier, you may want to visit Underworld...
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    How to get T-51b Power Armor

    Wondering " How do I get the freakin' T-51b Armor?!?!" lookie here. Allright . First I reccomend getting the animal friend perk, cause where this is going...
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  • i hope this helps all the terminal hackers in fallout 3!

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