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Fallout 3

To get through a terminal without only having 4 tries you have to try to hack it 3 times and if you fail all 3 times leave the terminal and try again and then you constantly do that and you will have unlimited tries to hack a terminal.

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    Most Special Weapons

    1.The Terriable Shotgun=inside evergreenmills bazaar held by smiling jack 2.Wazer Wifle=little lamplight held by biwwy pay 500 caps or use child at heart and get it free...
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    how to get a 1400 caps in the first ten minutes of fallout 3

    okay heres how to get 1000 caps in the first 10 minutes of the game okay once you get out of the vault go to sunny vale and go to the boat house before you go in save...
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    Nuka Cola Challenge hint

    To find the nuka cola that was supposed to go to Old Olny, go inbetween this town and the dairy farm and under a highway bridge there will be the truck. WARNING: there...
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    How to find Dogmeat.

    To find the awesomely strong and adorable Dogmeat you must follow these instructions. Go to Moira Browns store On the second quest for her when you go to collect mines...
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    Behemoth Locations

    The first Behemoth is at the GNR Radio Station, just keep on going with the main quest and you will fight it. The next one is west of Jury Street Metro. The third one...
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  • i hope this helps all the terminal hackers in fallout 3!

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