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Fallout 3

To get through a terminal without only having 4 tries you have to try to hack it 3 times and if you fail all 3 times leave the terminal and try again and then you constantly do that and you will have unlimited tries to hack a terminal.

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    easy money glitch.

    When you get to a trader that has two of the same weapon or apparel the glitch will work. you buy one ( i advise the cheaper one to make the process faster) and sell...
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    Easy XP For Fallout!!!

    Alright, not Leveling up is the number one more important thing to do in this game. Here are a few steps Items Needed: Frag Mine, and a Unexploded Megaton (Defuse the...
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    The Xualong Chineese Assault Rifle

    To get the Xaunlong Assault Rifle you go to the museum of technology. Go to the terminal on the Ground floor, across the entrance room to start the quest activating a...
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  • i hope this helps all the terminal hackers in fallout 3!

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