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To get through a terminal without only having 4 tries you have to try to hack it 3 times and if you fail all 3 times leave the terminal and try again and then you constantly do that and you will have unlimited tries to hack a terminal.

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    Herbert "Daring" Dashwood and Argyle real Warning: Spoiler

    If you go to Tenpenny Tower, you will notice that one of the residents is Herbert "Daring" Dashwood and if you talk to him, he will ask you to go to the city...
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    Nuka Cola Challenge hint

    To find the nuka cola that was supposed to go to Old Olny, go inbetween this town and the dairy farm and under a highway bridge there will be the truck. WARNING: there...
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    Colonel Autumns 10 mm pistol. Some spoilers.

    To get Colonel Autumns 10MM pistol, you have to be at the part in the game where you are helping your dad get the Jefferson Memorial all fixed up and ready to run for...
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    MIRV Experimental fatman

    The MIRV Experimental fatman shoots 8 mini nukes at one time, kinda like a nuclear shotgun . You will need exactly 8 nukes to fire it , any less and it simply will not...
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    Mini nuke locations

    Ok now you have your shiny new MIRV experimental fat man , and you need some ammo (it does shoot 8 after all). Mini nukes being scarce , chances are you need a few to...
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  • i hope this helps all the terminal hackers in fallout 3!

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