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Colonel Autumns 10 mm pistol. Some spoilers.

Fallout 3

Colonel Autumns 10 mm pistol. Some spoilers.

            To get Colonel Autumns 10MM pistol, you have to be at the part in the game where you are helping your dad get the Jefferson Memorial all fixed up and ready to run for the water purifier. The Enclave invade it, and your dad will press 216 and kill everyone but you and some scientist. You press and hold the third person button and spin it around until you see search Colonel Autumns. You will be able to take that weapon and his cool uniform. If this doesnt work, post a comment on my profile and I will help.


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  • Odd, because all it did for me is just let me shorten his speech. I wish i could take his weapon.

  • got it thanks

  • you can get it later, when you go back into the purifier room, and you win a speech challenge right when you get in the Rotunda, its something like "its over" then they will leave, or u win the one that i think its like "just hand me the gun, its over" and i believe he gives the gun to u and leaves, if not just kill him and he'll have his gun and outfit on him.

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