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Favorite and least favorite moment in Fallout 3

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  • What do you like most in Fallout 3, and what do you hate most?

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  • great game all the way thru. accept for running into a deathclaw when i first walked out of vault. lol i got pwned

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  • My favorite moments in fallout 3 are when i completely destroy cities.  This game is so awesome because it allows you to be as evil or heroic as you want.  My overall goal is to kill all characters in the game.....after collecting all of the achievements of course....I hate the underground subway sequences, its the only way to navigate the city but i hate it, i wish they just let me walk around the city streets.


  • this game is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fighting alongside Liberty Prime

  • My favorite moment from Fallout 3 had to be blowing up Megaton. Its just so fun to blow a bunch of regular people into dust when they least expect it. I also love Betty from Tranqulity Lane she was so fun!!!! The worst part of Fallout 3 was trying to go from Raven Rock to the other end of the map on Very Hard with NO armour and NO wepons. That sucked when i got mobbed by 5 Deathclaws. I swear it was a family on was huge other little bit shorter and then the other 3 were small like the young Deathclaws in New Vegas lolz

  • Wow, so I just found this thread three years on, and the last post is from over a year ago. o_O

    Who cares, though?! I just started playing this game again after a falling out (no pun intended) with Skyrim, and Fallout 3 is still a great game in 2012!

    My favorite moment is from my original playthrough of the game. Over 200 hours of play, lost when my original PS3 YLOD. Actually, I have two favorite moments. These happen to be two of my personal three all-time great moments in gaming.

    1. During the quest: 'Reilly's Rangers', while fighting Supermutants in the Statesman Hotel, I left several frag mines in a doorway, then lured the Supermutants into the mines. After the explosion, one of the Supermutants was left hanging from the ceiling, with his head stuck in it. I laughed so hard! It was a simple thing, but totally unexpected and hilarious.

    2. This moment started while I was crossing the waste a few miles South-Southwest of Tenpenny tower. Stopping to scan for hostiles, I spotted a Sentry Bot making its way North. I immediately crouched and looked around for some tactical vantage point. Spying a low hill to my right, I started circling around to gain a bit of height and to have some cover for the ensuing firefight.

     While circling the hill, I heard a strange sound behind me. Whirling around, I saw that while I was stalking the robot, a Death Claw had been stalking me! Fortunately, it had become distracted by a nearby Brahmin, which is what made the noise that alerted me. I quickly dispatched the Death Claw, then made my way into position at the top of the hill. My timing was just right. The Sentry Bot was just coming into range.

     Not being a user of big guns, I decided to soften him up with a couple of frag grenades, then finish him off with one of the guns in my arsenal. Now, I had slowly been gaining in skill with explosives, but even so I had come to respect the toughness & durability of Sentry Bots. They are built like tanks, and the most I had ever seen done to them by a frag grenade was to knock them over.

     Well, I went into V.A.T.S. mode and threw the grenade. I watched as the grenade landed perfectly centered under the Bot, and did not bounce or roll before exploding. The camera then gave me a longer range shot of the explosion. This time, when the grenade exploded, the Bot shot straight up into the air like a rocket!!! He went up about thirty feet off the ground, then came straight back down and crashed into the ground and was dead.

     I couldn't believe it!!! I wish to God I had that on film, because it was one of those rare, 'perfect shots' that happens once in a lifetime. I just about fell out of my chair! I still have fond memories of that moment. One of the best ever.

     Thank you so much, Kyle, for giving me a place to share these memories of one of the great RPG's of our generation.

  • Best Part: First coming out of the vault and experiencing the sun in your eyes, the dust blowing around and the sheer atmosphere of it. When you finish the game, you come to appreciate this moment and cherish it, and the long adventure it has initiated.

    Worst Part: The End

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