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  • Blog Post: Motion Mishaps And The Horse They Road In On

    Fable: The Journey is the story of a man named Gabriel, his horse Seren, and their unforgiving struggles against the villain Kinect. This is a coming-of-age story for Gabriel, who is introduced as a horse-loving slacker that, after several long and arduous hours of thrusting his arms forward, transforms... More
  • Blog Post: We Try Out Kinect's Fable: The Journey

    Peter Molyneux always possesses an unshakable enthusiasm about his projects, a trait that's obvious whenever he speaks on the Fable series. With Fable: The Journey, his aspirations have everything to do with tapping into the potential of Kinect. During a meeting at last week's Microsoft Spring... More
  • Blog Post: A Look At Fable: The Journey

    Here's a first look at Fable: The Journey for Xbox 360 and Kinect. Enjoy the video and screens below, and for more info, check out our coverage of this morning announcement . More
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