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Meet The Newest Hero Inga

Lionhead has revealed a new hero for Fable Legends – the defender of the downtrodden, Inga.

Inga, seen above and in the gallery below, was a great defender of the bullied in her small town of Pitflea as a child. After an incident where she accidentally broke a young peer's arm ruining his dreams of becoming a blacksmith, however, she decided violence shouldn't be a solution. Violence found her unfortunately, when she found herself defending a nearby tomb of a Hero from a group of outlaws. In the tomb she found the magical shield Bulwark, which took a liking to her, and she has been a Hero ever since. You can read her full story by heading here.

Fable Legends' gameplay and mechanics are not yet totally clear, but we do know it is an online game where teams of four work together to leave their mark on Albion. You can read more about the game here. You can also head here to learn about Rook, another of Fable Legends' heroes.

[Source: Lionhead, via NeoGAF]

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  • Meh. Until I hear "Fable IV" followed by a long list of reasons why it won't suck like Fable III, the franchise is basically dead to me.
  • The only Fable that was worth playing was the first one or the Lost Chapters edition of the first game. Kind of strange that its going the more linear route, I thought everyone had minor choice in gender and looks of your hero/heroine.
  • dang guess i sent it in too late!!!

  • Hopefully we'll get a good grasp of mechanics/gameplay soon so people can at least hate on it knowing a little something, instead of nothing.
  • Fable what?

    Man, I don't even care about Fable anymore... not unless it undergoes a radical change for the better.

  • I would really like to see some actual game play. I'm glad they dont having Molyneux hyping this up to unrealistic proportions though.

  • I just want this game to be very similar yet better than Fable: The Lost Chapters (one of my favorite games).
  • So what is this game? She looks cool, but what is this game?
  • I have a feeling this will play a lot like Gauntlet Dark Legacy

  • Now I know who I will be playing as

  • Anything like a release date would be awesome.


  • I still think it's pretty stupid that they got rid of your own personal hero in which you choose you morality and replaced them with a bunch of preset ones.
  • After playing Fable Anniversary and loving it. I really hope they would go back to the basics of what made this series charming and fun in the first place.
  • As much as I like Fable, this doesn't interest me. My favorite Fable moments were all the ridiculous stuff you could do that was unscripted.
  • I'm upset that it won't be the fable I remember but I'm optimistic. It might turn out good...hopefully.

  • Weird artwork

  • What the hell happened to Fable? The first game was great and still holds up today. Fable 2 was a fairly decent sequel (I still think the first is the best because you can actually die)The series had such potencial for improvement. Then Fable 3 came and ruined everything I loved about the first 2. The they made a kinect game now whatever this BS is?

  • When the original Fable came out, people were upset about it not living up to the hype, which is oftentimes the case with big games. Now, people say its the best one. People cry about wanting something different, developers try, then those same people cry that it's not Fable IV or that its not like the 1st game. I'm happy to see something different, and I love the Fable series.

  • What Lionhead needs to do is restart and reboot this franchise with a brand new outlook. This would entail the ability to lose, combat that isn't so simple a toddler could grasp it, and much more complex character customization, among countless other things.

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